Sixty Seconds 

... with Daniel Stricker of Midnight Juggernauts


Indy: Your debut album, Dystopia, won the Australian Independent Records award for "Best Dance/Electronic" release. Not much of that genre has made it over here from Australia since The Avalanches broke through in 2001.

DS: Yeah, we're good friends with those guys. It's funny you mention them because as a kid well, not a kid, but when I was a teenager and they were breaking through I remember it was a big thing for Australia because they weren't very Australian-sounding music. So for us, I think they gave everyone hope and inspiration to take what we like and do something different.

Indy: So you don't have to try to sound like Midnight Oil?

DS: No, thank God! (laughs) I like Midnight Oil, don't get me wrong. But I think Australia gets locked into this big pub rock kind of thing.

Indy: Critics compare you to everyone from David Bowie and Gary Numan to Pink Floyd and Daft Punk. I also hear traces of Underworld and LCD Soundsystem. Do you sense any common ground there?

DS: We're obviously nowhere as amazing artists as Bowie or something like that I mean, we can try! But yeah, we like all the people you mentioned. We're into a mix of rock and electronic and even Italian soundtracks from the '70s. I mean, my favorite band is The Pixies, so we have a broad range of influences.

Indy: So who are you most excited about sharing the bill with at Coachella?

DS: Well, I'm a massive Portishead fan, so I can't wait to see them. But Prince is going to be pretty cool, too. I can't believe Prince is even playing! And Roger Waters, of course; I've been a big Pink Floyd fan for a long time.

At Denver's hi-dive, April 29.


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