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Re: “Letters

@ Bill Durland: Public Ignorance
Dear Professor of Political "Science",

It was with great interest that I read your public statement on the Ignorant Public. I take it that they (the public) do not read or think as do you, an enlightened liberal. How unfortunate for us that a democracy must depend on the the great masses to make our decisions for the Republic unlike Plato's Republic where the philosophers such as yourself rule for the greater good. How lucky for us that college students are so wise that they know better how to vote than their elders who haven't had the opportunity to monitor your class (I'm thinking that maybe those who are paying the tuition for your class should do a little more monitoring). Yes, we are the ignorant people who have fought on the great battlefields or raised families or worked all their lives to build a business that provides a good or service to the public. A central planner like yourself must detest someone like William F. Buckley who said "I would rather be ruled by the first five thousand names in the phonebook than by the faculty of Harvard." Heaven (and I do believe in it) save us from Eutopians that try to propogandize rather than teach. By the way, I have taught (and read and thought about) U.S. History for over forty years and don't believe in the goodness of government. On the contrary, history teaches us the dangers of Machiavellian leaders, Enlightened Despots, and totalitarians who wanted power because only they had the vision that could lead to a better way of life, presumably because they were readers and thinkers. Government is a necessary evil, not a benevolent good, power corrupts, and professors need to remember that it is the ignorant public that pays their salary.

Ronald Scribner
Magister Igonorant Publicus

Posted by skerzoid on 07/31/2010 at 1:21 PM

Re: “Letters

I would like to adjust Joan Lucia-Treece's Vocabulary lesson.
I am a teacher of history & economics with forty years experience:

• so·cial·ism or So·cial·ism, noun. Definition: 1. political system of communal ownership: a political theory or system in which the means of production and distribution are controlled by government centralized bureacracies acting in the name of the "people". 2. movement based on socialism: a political movement based on principles of socialism, typically advocatied by college professors who have no experience in running anything that requires results. 3. stage between capitalism and communism: in Marxist theory, the stage after a revolution led by a cadre of professional revolutionaries, in which the rich are killed in order to prevent their resistance to their property being stolen by government bureaucrats, (See Stalin and the starvation of 20 million farmers in the Ukrain when they refused to turn over their land to the Soviets) when a society is changing from capitalism to communism, (See " The Killing Fields") marked by "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need".

• com·mu·nism, noun. Definition: Political system based on the violent overthrow of the free enterprise system to be replaced with a totalitarian dictatorship based on government controll of everything. Famous Communists - Stalin, Chairman Mao, & Pol Pot.

• cap·i·tal·ism, noun. Definition: free-market system: an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit. The system that rewards people in relationship to what they do. The system that allows people to make their own economic decisions rather than "Centralized Planning". Ask any American who has lived under a communist government how they feel about it!

As my socialist brother used to say "Brother, comes the revolution, we will shut you up". Yes, because the first people they shoot are the history teachers.

Posted by skerzoid on 06/27/2009 at 6:43 PM

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