Sleeping in Gethsemane 

Sixty seconds with Brandon Schiwal

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Indy: You guys have been an instrumental band for five years now. Why is that, given the fact that there are tons of bands out there with awful vocalists doing just fine?

BS: Our awful vocalist forgot to show up to practice too often, so we quit telling them to come. We originally planned on having a few more instruments in the band as well, but we were the only ones that stuck with it. We don't really consider ourselves to be an instrumental act, more just a band that has not found a need for vocals yet. They might come eventually.

Indy: You've said you're not a religious band, which I assume has been a misconception stemming from the band's name. Did you just choose that name because it sounded good, or were there additional reasons?

BS: The name means almost the opposite. When Jesus was praying — possibly — in the Garden of Gethsemane, he told his disciples to stay awake and keep watch. He then scolded them three times for falling asleep. They slept because they were human and not the divinity. Sleeping in Gethsemane is that which makes you human, the act of embracing your humanity.

Indy: So as Fargo, North Dakota residents, did you all have to read Chuck Klosterman's Fargo Rock City? Is he a legend there?

BS: Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs is a much better book. I don't think he is honestly that looked up to in the music scene back home. People know him but look up to the old-school Fargo bands like Hammerhead and Godhead Silo.

Indy: Is Fargo, in fact, a rock city?

BS: Fargo rocks, and it's a city.

At the Rocket Room, May 27.


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