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Creepy crawlies, creepier bunk mates, macaroni art — summer camp can be full of trauma. At least until you grow up, apparently, and realize just how good you had it back in the day.

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Steven Huckaby from the Old North End works in corporate retail sales

Did you ever go to summer camp? Yes, a few different ones. When I was young I went to day camp, but by about the fifth grade I started going to basketball camp every year, because my uncle was a basketball coach.

Did you want to go, or did you have to go? I looked forward to it every year; I couldn't wait to go. We got to meet some college and pro players, and learned a lot about good sportsmanship and motivation.

So would you recommend it? Yes, and I hope my son will want to go. I won't force it on him, but it's good to meet new people, and you learn new social skills.

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Troy Privette from Fort Collins is a construction project manager

When you were a kid, did you ever go to summer camp? Yes, every year, from first grade to high school. I was a legend there, because I went there for so many years. And for a few other things, too.

Did you look forward to it? Yes, I loved it. When I was a kid, I really liked the sports and I was active in my church, and it was a church camp. But by ... oh, about second grade, it was all about the ladies.

What is one of your favorite memories? When we'd play "capture the flag" at night in the woods. We couldn't see, so we really had to work as a team, and help each other, like when one kid got caught in barbed wire.

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Nicole Martinez from the west side is a small-business owner

Did you go to summer camp when you were a kid? Yes, and even though we were Catholic, my parents allowed us to go to all different types of summer camp. We got to go to Mormon and Baptist camps, and experience other religions besides ours.

So it wasn't just about religion? No, it was more about community, and team-building and trust.

Do you have any bad memories? No, it was crazy fun every summer.

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Neil Milito from out east is in automotive repair

Did you go to summer camp when you were a kid? Yes. I went to Boy Scout camp in New Jersey, starting back in 1957.

Do you have any fond memories? One time when we first arrived, we got off the bus and the camp was on fire. We helped put the fire out, and they gave us all a bottle of Yoo-hoo as a reward.

Would you recommend that other kids go to summer camp? Yes, it should be "mandatory punishment."


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