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Rarely have people of every political stripe been so across-the-board disgusted with Congress as a whole and politicians in general. And yet, political coverage is never-ending, especially on cable news.

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Tim Gore of the Palmer Park area is a government contractor

Rate your interest level in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. I only have a passing interest, though I'm Republican by nature.

Why do the media cover these events so rabidly? They hype up interest in these events, and then saturate them with 24-7 coverage.

At what point in this election go-round do you foresee getting sick of political ads? About three weeks ago.

Are you interested in who's behind these ads? That's often more interesting than the ads themselves.

Who, in your view, is the slimiest political figure out there at present? He's not a politician, but [left-leaning philanthropist] George Soros. He puts so much money into trying to undermine the political system.

Is a corporation a person? Without people, there'd be no corporations.

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Guy Perez of the central area is a flooring installer

How much do you genuinely care about the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary? I'm mildly interested, but I'm not following either very closely.

At what point do you foresee getting sick of political ads? Last year.

How much does it interest you, the people behind attack ads? It's scary that people with so much money can use B.S. and mudslinging to directly influence elections.

Who, in your view, is the slimiest political figure out there? That's a hard one. [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi seems pretty questionable.

Who'll get the Republican nomination? I'll say Ron Paul. He appeals to a lot of people I talk to.

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David Holt of Hillside is an integrated construction coordinator

Rate your level of interest in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. Medium-low. They're insanely over-covered.

How annoyed are you with political ads? I don't have a TV or regular phone, so they don't touch me much.

Why are attack ads so effective? Most people don't do any digging. They take the ads at face value.

Who, in your view is the slimiest political figure around? That's a hard one. They're all pretty slimy. I'll go with Newt Gingrich.

Which Republican candidate would you least like to get the nomination? Ron Paul. He has some good views, but he's wacked-out crazy, too.


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