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Spirit Hound Distillers delivers a unique Colorado Sambuca

Matthew Schniper Sep 12, 2018 1:00 AM
Matthew Schniper
Spirit Hound whiskeys are sold in the Springs, and the only Colorado-made Sambuca I know of can be special-ordered from liquor stores. SH spins the traditional Italian, anise-flavored liqueur with a hefty dose of elderberries, which co-lead the aroma and add a medicinal edge, which tastes a little like the sugary fennel seeds at an Indian restaurant. It’s a fine digestivo. We also try a flight of four straight malt whiskeys plus a white dog ($16). The malt whiskeys are all distilled the same way, and labeled with single-batch barrel numbers, meaning all the differences in tasting notes are accounted for by minutia like atmospheric conditions and barrel character. SH whiskeys utilize Colorado-grown malt, age at least two years in new white American oak (imparting bourbon notes), are 90 proof and incorporate 18-percent Canadian-grown, peat-smoked malt, which gifts a distinctly Scottish Highlands style. Our sips vary in sweetness, spiciness, and even buttery notes; a strong showing all told.  [location-1]