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Springs chefs pick their favorites 

Bites 2013: Interviews

Brother Luck at Craftwood Inn

Go-to restaurant for:

Dinner: I like what Jay [Gust] is doing over at TAPAteria. [It's] fun. You can tell somebody cares.

Cheap Eats: I like El Taco Rey.

A Special Occasion: I think what Scott [Savage is] doing over at Cliff House is pretty cool. He's just been truckin' through. He's doing whatever he wants; he's not stuck in any kind of cuisine, and I'm always excited to see what he comes up with.

Brian Sack at The Famous

Go-to restaurant for:

Breakfast: The Pantry: I'm a big biscuits-and-gravy guy.

Lunch: I'll give Yoo Mae a push. I like JJ [Kim] over there. He does a really cool one, and he only does it for us over here at the Famous — the Lamborghini Diablo roll.

Dinner: I like Mizuna, in Denver. I know if I go to Mizuna my money's gonna be well spent and I'm not gonna drop $150 for two and walk out and be like, "You know what? That sucked." It's just consistent. What I'm afraid of here is, places are so inconsistent.

Chris Bohler at The Villa Palmer Lake

Go-to restaurant for:

Breakfast: I would eat breakfast at The Coffee Cup [Cafe]. It's consistent, I know people there, I see people that I've known forever. We know what we're gonna get.

Lunch: I do really love to go to Marigold for lunch. I love that everything's fresh, light; and the dessert options are amazing.

Cheap Eats: I took my son the other night to Leon Gessi and it was awesome. And I've gone there forever. We go to Leon Gessi and hit BJ's Velvet Freez and it's perfect.

Andrew Sherrill at The Blue Star

Go-to restaurant for:

Breakfast: I really have enjoyed that Over Easy that just opened up. I just think they put out a really good, solid breakfast, and if I'm feeling like a cocktail with my huevos, that's where I head.

Lunch: I hit the Indian buffet on Eighth Street — Little Nepal. Raj [Adhikari] knows me by name and, yeah, I have kind of a problem.

Dinner: If I'm feeding the family, I'm a big fan of hitting Rudy's [Country Store and Bar-B-Q] and bringing that back. I spend, as far as dinner bucks go, probably more money there than most places.

Amy Pontius at Garden of the Gods Gourmet

Go-to restaurant for:

Lunch: I like to go to Rico's downtown for lunch, and catch up with friends. Usually I'll get their house salad and a slice of pizza, really.

Cheap Eats: I actually go to Garbanzo's. You get the chicken, and everything on it, with the crazy, little pickled eggplants — it's great.

A Special Occasion: If it's gonna be something really special, I like to go to the Margarita at PineCreek. Love what they do there.

Chip Johnson at The Warehouse Restaurant and Gallery

Go-to restaurant for:

Breakfast: I would go to the Hungry Bear in Woodland Park. I live up there. I usually have one of their omelets.

Lunch: I love McGinty's up in Divide. Their Reuben is killer, and all their pizzas are good.

A Special Occasion: We'll hit a place like the Craftwood Inn, for sure. I have a long-term relationship with that place; and it's just got such a romantic feel to it that it's nice to be back and visit every once in a while.

Jay Gust at TAPAteria

Go-to restaurant for:

Brunch: McCabe's Irish breakfast is amazing, total chef food. Blood pudding, the Irish bacon, all the goodies.

Lunch: Usually I like going to [Johnny's Navajo] Hogan for lunch. The broasted chicken is just great. It's that whole Wisconsin, rich, fatty, delicious, steam-fried [thing].

A Special Occasion: Now that Brother [Luck] is at The Craftwood, that's on the docket again. Brother's amazing. Not only is he philanthropic and aware, but he's also very local-oriented.

Pete Moreno at MacKenzie's Chop House

Go-to restaurant for:

Breakfast: It doesn't have a whole lot of breakfast, but they got some fun things, that Urban Steam coffee shop. With the waffles there, that place is great.

Cheap Eats: I haven't seen my taco truck in a while — right there off of Palmer Park and Union. That place [La Flor de Jalisco], god, their tacos just rock. They're so good.

A Special Occasion: I usually head to Denver, just because they ... make something that's different. My top two favorites are either Squeaky Bean or Fruition.

Cathy Werle at The Margarita at PineCreek

Go-to restaurant for:

Breakfast: Probably La Baguette on Chestnut [Street]. Love the Croque Madame there. I'm a sucker for anything with egg on top.

Lunch: Probably my No. 1 favorite cuisine is Indian food, and my favorite is India Palace. And I go for the buffet because then I can pig out, and eat every single dish that's on the menu. ... I'm serious. I'm embarrassing to eat with.

Cheap Eats: One of our favorite spots is the taco truck, the Flor de Jalisco. Yeah, that's my favorite taco truck. The carnitas or lengua tacos are my favorite.

Bertrand Bouquin at The Broadmoor

Go-to restaurant for:

Lunch: Adam's Mountain Café — everything is from scratch.

Dinner: Sushi O Sushi , because I love sushi, and it is close to my house, and a percentage of the profit goes to my daughter's school.

Cheap Eats: Popeyes. I love the chicken.


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