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Our electoral process is morphing into a vast downward spiral of manic hoopla, slick sloganeering and laughably scurrilous attack ads bankrolled by shadowy super PACs. But in a week, it'll be over.

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Ambur Stevens of Old Colorado City is retired

How will you be spending the evening of Nov. 6? Watching the election returns very closely. It'll be interesting because this time Colorado is a very important state.

What would an ideal Nov. 7 look like? For me, Democrats all the way, except for one Independent.

Name a change you'd make in our election process. Get rid of Citizens United so we don't have to go through another election like this one.

Anticipate our biggest post-election challenge. More cooperation, less partisanship. If the other side takes over, I hope the Dems don't behave like Republicans by announcing that their No. 1 objective is getting rid of Romney.

If you were elected president, what would your first act be? Create universal health care. Also, get us really and truly out of Afghanistan and spend that money here in the U.S. — especially [on] infrastructure.

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Deke Polifka of Old Colorado City is a church music director

How will you spend the night of Nov. 6? Doing anything but watching the elections.

What does the ideal Nov. 7 look like to you? The sun shining — a beautiful day for being outdoors.

Name the biggest post-election challenge awaiting us. Getting the economy going. Keeping businesses open. Creating jobs.

Will this election change anything? Not unless both sides of the spectrum get along better than they do now.

What would be your first act as president? Increase funding for the arts.

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Cheryl D. Lowenherz of Cheyenne Cañon is a Realtor

How will you spend the evening of Nov. 6? Worried sick — alternating between watching closely and tuning out best I can, for peace of mind.

Why does it matter who wins on Tuesday? Because three Supreme Court members will change in the next four years.

Identify our biggest post-election challenge. Each side coming back to understanding each other on some level. I'm guilty in that department, too, but less than many.

If you were elected president, what'd be your top concern? My daughter has a chronic illness. She got kicked off her insurance when she divorced, so she can't get treatment without Medicaid. If Romney gets elected, I'll lose my daughter.


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