Strain review: Blueberry Diesel 

click to enlarge It’s fairly easy to feel the two strains that combine to make Blueberry Diesel. - BRANDON SODERBERG
  • Brandon Soderberg
  • It’s fairly easy to feel the two strains that combine to make Blueberry Diesel.
Back in those scrappy, seedy, weed-buying days when you were possibly — no, probably — buying some stepped-on garbage from some guy who knew some guy, the kind of high that was barely there was a problem. You wouldn’t sit back and think, “this is a wisp-like high with light body effects and a gossamer touch of euphoria” or whatever the hell. It’d be more something like, “hey, this is some weak-sauce shit I bought” or “maybe I was just totally ripped off.”

There’s more trust now, thanks to cannabis coming above-ground, and more “sophistication” too, which has expanded the palette, introduced numerous brain-crushing strains, and in theory made it also OK for a strain not to do too much.

Getting mad that one isn’t high enough now feels decadent, uncouth. Though maybe that too has introduced some kind of head-in-the-clouds, aficionado-like pretentiousness to the world of cannabis. Like that probably apocryphal story of Charlie Watts listening to a jazz record and declaring the drummer just out of this world — so fast yet so in the pocket — and then Keith Richards walking in and pointing out that the record was playing at 45 rpm rather than 331/3 and the drummer’s just doing regular old jazz drumming. Richards called Watts a “pseud.” Maybe this isn’t some subtle high here. Maybe your shit’s just trash, pseud.

Blueberry Diesel could go either way. It is a fairly uncreative cross between beloved Indica Blueberry and stress-devouring Sativa Sour Diesel that gives you a very light, protracted high, though one that if there’s enough going on around you, will sneak away or hibernate until things calm down. That can be useful and ideal for some, especially novice smokers or those prone to world-is-melting terror when they’ve sparked up and gone out in public. It’s a good high for parties, or here, in the middle of summer, for outdoor festivals where the multitudes might get menacing and the weed can mitigate that.

Just don’t expect much from Blueberry Diesel. It is like a shirt that fits just right. Plain and comfortable, it does what it does, not much more, which may be unimpressive but never too fussy and at times, precisely what one needs to get through the day. It also happens to be one of those combinations where it’s fairly easy to feel the two strains — the Sour Diesel high so many know and appreciate (intense, but not aggressive or scary) with a more manic Blueberry high pinned to the front of it that hits you first with a quick rush of worry, nerves and responsibility that rises up and then dissipates, as if you thought your way out of an existentially doomed corner, for the time being at least. The ennui doesn’t drain out of you with Blueberry Diesel, it slow-drips away. Sometimes being stoned doesn’t feel like much of anything at all.

Strength: 6
Nose: Dark chocolate and puke — but like, good somehow?
Euphoria: 6
Existential dread: 1
Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 1
Drink pairing: Peppermint tea
Music pairing: DJ Seinfeld’s DJ-Kicks
Rating: 6

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