Strain review: Cookies and Dream 

click to enlarge Cookies and Dream smells like pine and citrus with a bit of methane. - BAYNARD WOODS
  • Baynard Woods
  • Cookies and Dream smells like pine and citrus with a bit of methane.
Sometimes, the most important effects of a strain are the least pleasant. Cannabis can be most useful when it provides a good moral scouring, causing you to examine the contours of your ethical life and point out all of your infinite failings. It is the paradox of philosophy that a happy life must be an ethical life — but to be ethical, you can’t necessarily be happy in a conventional sense. Anxiety is authenticity and all of that shit.

But other times, when you know you have fucked up, not in a major, life-altering way but one of those mundane but shitty things you don’t realize you are doing at the moment, but start to be debilitated by it, you need something that can ease up the sense of scrubbing on an already sore spot. Too much self-awareness can become simple and unhealthy flagellation and can stunt emotional or ethical growth.

I know we’ve been on a lot of Dream and Cookies variations recently, but we haven’t reviewed the actual combination of Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies, which was created in part by Native Roots. But Cookies and Dream is such a gentle salve of a strain that manages to ease your worried mind while also energizing your weary bones. It is uplifting but energizing, which is great after a night spent lying awake contemplating some failure. Cookies and Dream helps you get through the day in both ways — keeping calm and carrying on as the ubiquitous Briticism would have it.
To boost it a little further, I took a 15 mg dose of CBD with a 5 mg hit of THC Orange Zest Awakening Tablets and then loaded a bong-full of the Cookies and Dream. The white crystals coating the bright green, dense but loose buds made it difficult to photograph because of the way they caught the light. It’s got a walloping odor of pine and citrus with a sort of methane fart smell. It combines to be something like pineapple on pizza, when it has been browned a bit and absorbs some of the smell of tomato and onion and cheese.

For an uppy weed it is a pretty gregarious strain, a nice accompaniment to an afternoon stroll through the neighborhood or the campus where you’ll know some people, or a righteous high with a big pre-rolled joint, say, for a Friday night when you really need to forget all the things you’ve screwed up all week.

We screw things up because we forget — a lapse of attention produces error. So you don’t want to deal with it by drinking the sorrows away — and besides, you know what happens... you end up brooding at the end of the bar and eventually getting into more trouble, or waking up feeling even worse. So the Cookies and Dream works in a way that I need it to. It helps me unburden myself from the excruciating details of recent mistakes while using them as ballast to keep my current course straight, without over-correcting and losing my even keel.

Strength: 8
Nose: Pineapple cooked on a pizza
Euphoria: 8
Existential dread: 1
Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 1
Drink pairing: Red sangria
Music pairing: “Gentle on My Mind,” by Johnny Cash (covering Glen Campbell)
Rating: 9


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