Strain review: Larry OG 

click to enlarge Larry OG brings an intense, relaxing body high, but it's also a cerebral smoke. - BAYNARD WOODS
  • Baynard Woods
  • Larry OG brings an intense, relaxing body high, but it's also a cerebral smoke.

Back in the 1990s, when I lived in New Mexico, weed was really cheap and pretty wide-open. I mean, if you were smoking you were probably going to be pretty safe but you still might lead them back to your dealer, who, as often as not, was the grower too. And that was serious shit. It's hard to remember now, but you could get decades in prison for growing a plant. It was a good thing that there were no text messages and that sort of stuff to make it easier for smokers to ensnare themselves and their dealer in conspiracy charges. But we were still careful. And slang was always changing depending on who you were dealing with, and your commonalities. One of the best code words for weed, which I adopted, came to me from an old cowboy friend who came from Lubbock and would ask, "Have you talked to Larry?"

Turned out it was a common phrase and I began to think of all of us smokers as Friends of Larry.

It's weird now to reflect back on those clandestine relationships, where trust was essential. It could be annoying, sure. Had to go by your dealer's house or wait for him to come over and then you'd have to small talk and smoke. But there's something about that situation that was nice. Also, there wasn't so much variety — scarcity is a kind of curation. Now I feel more awkward in many ways. Whenever I leave a dispensary I end up kicking myself — I could have gotten something better, something cheaper, something different. It's like all of those anxious nerve endings trained to get wigged out when walking out of your dealer's, now turn inward, creating a kind of buyer's remorse. At least until you get home and smoke it.

Anyway, Will Oldham (Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Palace Brothers) recently allowed all of his songs up on Spotify — even though he is not happy about it — and I listened to him a lot in those days, so when I saw the Larry OG strain, perhaps I was already primed, but all of this nostalgic thinking just overwhelmed me and even though I later thought it was overpriced, I bought an eighth. I mean, wanna talk OG? Everything we smoked back then was Larry OG.

The legal Larry OG is actually a cross between OG Kush and SFV OG, and so it is an Indica with an intense and relaxing body high. The uppy Sativa quality of the SFV really comes through, making it a kind of cerebral smoke too. It's a really toothsome flower, long red hairs and more white crystals than Breaking Bad.

Larry OG's piney, minty compost flavor goes especially well with a cup of steaming hot black coffee on a chilly day... and with the smoky flavor of green chile. It is, perhaps, the most munchiferous (productive of the munchies) of any strain I've had lately, making it a nice strain for Thanksgiving, both before dinner and afterward. Indeed, I'm seriously starving again. This could really be just the thing to put the pot in any holiday potluck.

Strength: 7

Nose: Mint growing out of a ripe compost heap

Euphoria: 7

Existential dread: 1

Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 1

Drink pairing: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee

Music pairing: Palace Brothers, "You Will Miss Me When I Burn"

Rating: 8


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