Strain review: Mango Kush 

click to enlarge It has some of the slimy quality of a mango and coats your mouth with sugary goo. - BRANDON SODERBERG
  • Brandon Soderberg
  • It has some of the slimy quality of a mango and coats your mouth with sugary goo.
Try and imagine alleged weed-head Ben Franklin way back when, posted up in some sort of old-timey recliner contriving an evening of lucid dreaming, lying back in his chair with marbles in the palm of his hand so that when he’d fall into deep sleep and his body relaxed, the marbles would fall out of his hand and wake him. Then he’d repeat the process — marbles back in his palm, lulling himself into a light sleep and then letting go — maintaining a half-awake state where according to him, he would come up with big ideas and apparently access some sort of head space he couldn’t otherwise get to. It’s a typically Franklin-esque, maybe even typically American approach: just a profoundly not-spontaneous, closed-circuit and bonkers attempt to get to somewhere liminal — a whole lot of work to get to a rarefied moment where existing feels briefly on-hold almost.

I was thinking about our most far-out founding father (who my aunt who totally tokes told me when I was 5 was her “favorite president”) because of the lucid dreaming-like state Mango Kush put me in, and probably because we all just celebrated the Fourth of July right as everything is like, really, really collapsing by way of now-small tragedies that would once have been country-shattering, all flaking off a large massive imminent E-N-D end we’re staring down. So yeah, this coy, Indica-dominant made up of Mango and Kush strains (obviously) had me thinking about America and its fumbling, fraught founding and fleeting escape.
Mango Kush tastes like a mango, yes, but like most flavor-adjacent strains, this feels more like a suggestion than a fact (e.g. berry usually means sweet) though it has some of the milky, slimy qualities of a mango to it, especially when you inhale, it kind of coats your mouth with sugary goo. And while some people taste pine here, it’s less pine and more potato somehow? The high’s a bit strange too, all in service of dissociation with a quicksand-slow pulse around your temples and in your knees that you can ride out for hours. Sit there, rest, breathe slowly, thoughtfully, and you’ll feel like a television broadcasting only static, all kinds of energy shooting out, all toward communicating very little, outwardly at least.

But Mango Kush is a particularly ripe stress-reliever, so it’s ideal for right now. You become aware that you’re not the sum of your bullshit or the world’s bullshit. It allows you to see the problem in front of you. It may be gnashing its teeth and spitting at you even, this problem, but you’ll see it, acknowledge its presence, and return to thinking about other things, or knowing that generally, probably, possibly, presumably, you’ll be OK and figure it out.

Strength: 8
Nose: A potato
Euphoria: 7
Existential dread: 4
Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 2
Drink pairing: Mango juice
Music pairing: Teyana Taylor, K.T.S.E.
Rating: 7

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