Strain review: Memory Loss 

click to enlarge Memory Loss is a misnomer — it actually enhanced focus on the task at hand. - BAYNARD WOODS
  • Baynard Woods
  • Memory Loss is a misnomer — it actually enhanced focus on the task at hand.
There’s a certain perversity in naming your product after one of its most negative stereotypes. Like, it’s hard to imagine some liquor called Slur & Stagger. Or some prescription drug named after the long list of side effects whispered at the end of the commercials. Heroin is different, I guess, and purveyors of scag often attempt to brand their deadly product with deadly names grimmer than anything this side of the death metal bargain bin at Walmart. But calling your weed strain Memory Loss calls to mind doofusy stoner stereotypes long since debunked. And, in reality, it is not an accurate name for this strain.

Memory Loss, a Sativa-heavy hybrid, actually has one of the more mild, focused highs I’ve experienced this year. And far from erasing short-term memory, it enhanced a focus on the task at hand.

Perhaps that’s what Memory Loss is really about. As we all “let old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind,” it’s important to remember the positive qualities of a certain sort of amnesia. In order to focus on the present, and the future, we have to forget and let go of parts of the past and too much memory. As the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche argued, active forgetting can be essential to living a productive, resentment-free life.
A mix of Amnesia Haze and Face Off OG, Memory Loss produces beautiful, thick flowers with a smell like rosemary and cinnamon with a little whiff of lemon flowers (which I know because I moved a lemon tree inside my house and it bloomed again last week). The high starts out super subtle, like the feeling you get from sniffing on a lemon flower, pleasant but almost purely sensory — an adjunct of the flavor and smell, like aromatherapy. But then it creeps into your consciousness with a longer, steadier sense of focus that almost seems to sweep the crud from the day away, like throwing open windows in a room, letting out all of the still stale air.

Most often at this time of year, people over-indulge in booze in order to forget, and while that can be fun it can also lead you to a lot more shit that you wish you could forget. But Memory Loss, the strain, is especially good for dealing with post-traumatic stress, bad break-ups, an end-of-the-year sense of failure, middle-aged misery and youthful ineptitude, whether you are a medical patient or just a regular-ass person who spends roughly half of your time failing.

Memory Loss ends almost as subtly as it began, drifting away like the sun on a day when you don’t even realize it’s setting but find yourself suddenly sitting in the dark. Memory Loss isn’t a knock-you-out nugget to toke when you want to feel ripped. But it is a subtle, steady strain that will surely come in handy during the torturous year full of tyrannical tweets that we have to look forward to.

Strength: 8
Nose: Cinnamon, rosemary
Euphoria: 7
Existential dread: 2
Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 1
Drink pairing: Mint tea
Music pairing: Tierra Whack, “Fuck Off”
Rating: 8


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