Strain review: Sour Jilly 

click to enlarge Sour Jilly comes on a little hot, but settles down and stays around for hours. - BRANDON SODERBERG
  • Brandon Soderberg
  • Sour Jilly comes on a little hot, but settles down and stays around for hours.
Two of American politics’ most legendary cretins from each side of the aisle have shifted their takes on weed. Two weeks ago, former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who is an absolute ghoul, and who for a long time proudly declared himself “unalterably opposed” to cannabis legalization, announced that his thinking has changed and blah, blah, blah. He’s now joined the advisory board of Acreage Holdings, a cannabis company growing and dispensing weed in nearly a dozen states.

And then last week, on stoner holiday April 20, Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader and an all-around savvy opportunist — but right now he’s about all us sensible people got to keep the country from tumbling into a Donald Trump-built abyss — announced his plan to decriminalize cannabis on the federal level.

Via these convenient changes of heart you get a sense of how Republicans and Democrats slowly come to the light quite differently: For Boehner it’s all about the money, as it always is with Republicans; for Schumer, it’s a Democrat’s typical political savvy (maybe this minority leader can become a majority leader) mixed with common, late-to-the-party realizations about mass incarceration and oh, what most of the country actually wants. (As Schumer tweeted, “2/3 of Americans believe marijuana should be legalized, meanwhile more than half of all drug arrests in the United States are marijuana arrests.”)

Recall that Jimmy Carter’s administration pushed hard for decriminalization almost immediately after he got into office in 1977. So here we are, 41 years later in the same spot.

This staggering, hard-to-parse inconsistency had me reaching for Sour Jilly, 2014 Denver cannabis cup winner, which is hey, a heck of a cosign, made up of Jilly Bean (which combines Orange Velvet and Space Queen) and some mystery strain, presumably a kush of some sort. Sour Jilly’s taste is bland, barely there, a Greek yogurt-ish tart taste that appears and occupies your nose — a pungent, vague whiff of something or other that won’t budge.

The high itself comes in a little hot, though it promptly settles down and stays with you for hours, subtly morphing and contorting. The body high journeys around your joints and you become very aware of all your muscles and veins and warm blood and how they connect to one another, which is embarrassing stoner shit to consider for sure, but it’s what happened to me.

The charm here is you will very much be reminded of your corporeal self — paradoxically it’s a strain very good for sex, sleeping and not feeling much of anything at all. At times, there’s something a touch trippy about Sour Jilly, especially when light hits your droopy-lidded eyes. A street light beam darted through my window and hit my eye in a way that had me seeing something like one of those ‘60s liquid light shows — again, embarrassing stoner shit, but it’s what happened to me.

I like my political stances bold, especially when the right stance is obvious. Schumer should call for legalization, not decriminalization. And I like my weed subtle. This week I only had the latter satisfied, but hey, I’ll take it.

Strength: 8
Nose: An old clove cigarette that you found behind your bed, plus armpit
Euphoria: 6
Existential dread: 1
Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 1
Drink pairing: Strawberry kefir
Music pairing: Hawkwind, In Search of Space
Rating: 7


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