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While the details of the Waldo Canyon fire change day by day, sometimes hour by hour, one thing remains the same: Our firefighters are doing one amazing job.

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Mike Barsotti of Manitou Springs is a small-businessowner

Do you live right here in town? I do, I live right above the store.

You were evacuated then ... so, what did you guys do? Where did you go? We packed up all our stuff. I knew that it was probably coming so we grabbed everything of necessity — the valuable stuff, yourself, your loved ones, and your pets, and then we went over to a friend's house, a fellow business-owner's house in Colorado Springs.

What would you like to tell the firefighters? Thank you and they've been doing a tremendous job. I mean, the fact that as of right now, that I know of, no structures have been burned is just a testament to how well they've been fighting.

What if an arsonist caused this? I am fairly certain it's arsonists, and I hope that the authorities catch them before the civilian population does, or they better hope the authorities catch them before the civilians do because they're toast.

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Ariel Crawford of the South Eighth Street area is a photographer

Have you been following the fire news? I've been keeping track, mostly using Google — go to the news tab and hit Colorado Springs, and then you can even do a live feed so it pops up the stories that are posted.

Do you like that better than actually going to the news channel? It depends. I like it. Some of the news channels aren't updated frequently, so it's nice to check various sources. It seems like there was a lot of miscommunication going on at first too. ... I think that caused a lot of confusion.

What would you want to say to the firefighters who are out there? I'd want to thank them and give them all big hugs and they're just great and brave and courageous and very dedicated to do that kind of work.

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Ali Cartacoss from New Jersey works at the Olympic Training Center

How did you first hear about the fire? We first heard about the fire from a friend who called and said they are being evacuated and they needed somewhere to go. And they were asking if they could come to the OTC.

Was the OTC able to give them a place to stay? Yeah, he was actually an OTC, uh, USOC employee. So they were able to give him accommodations, food, and all that kind of stuff.

Were you able to do that for other employees? They've been able to accommodate a bunch of people. I'm not sure the number, but I know that they've offered, letting all the employees know that they have a place at the OTC if they need one.

Anything you'd like to say to the firefighters out there? I'd like to wish them all the best of luck, and to please be safe and don't risk losing any life over property. Because you can replace property, but you can't replace a life.


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