Student Survival Guide 2013 

By the Indy's summer interns

Ah, college. The time to explore, question, change and grow, and experience certain rites of passage. You will gain friends at school, lose friends at home; trade your "bros and hoes" frat-party attire for gowns and tuxedos; put on the Freshman 15 and drop the Senior-Thesis 10.

You will also make all sorts of questionable decisions, some of which your friends' iPhone cameras will capture forever.

The three of us interns who have assembled the pages that follow completely understand that there's only so much free will involved here. We could tell the guys out there to avoid the Grizzly Man look as a freshman, and to really avoid the pencil 'stache after your third-year semester abroad ... but the force is strong. As for the women who date those men nonetheless: We understand. It happens.

But not all the developments of your college years just come about innately. Especially if Colorado Springs is new territory, you might find it helpful to hear some thoughts on where to carouse, or consume, or just to expand your world outside of the campus bubble. That's what we hope to provide here: some tidbits to help you enjoy your college years to their fullest.

As you move through your first weeks and months, you may find you disagree with our recommendations — and if you do, don't hesitate to comment. We'd love to hear from you, whether or not you're struggling with that Fu Manchu.

— Nathaniel Kelley

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