Summer dreaming 

Ah, summer, when the fish are jumpin', the livin' is easy, and gas prices are heading for outer space.

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Kimberly Powell
Manitou Springs

Gardener, VW repair-shop owner
What was your best-ever summer? My summer of love, 1996. My husband and I got married in a flower ceremony in my backyard garden.

Which was your worst? That would be in 1975. I was living in Guam. There were tons of Vietnamese refugees. My dad had to fly back and forth to Vietnam constantly, and I had to fly in a plane with dead bodies, which was very upsetting for an 11-year-old kid.

Are gas prices altering your summer plans? We've all gotten used to a gluttonous lifestyle. When life becomes more expensive, you cut back, you travel less. Driving up to Mount Princeton costs $80 now, where it used to cost only $20.

Where would you go this summer if money were no object? Maui. My father was born in Hawaii, and I love the tropics: the organic farms, the Maui onions, the Tedeschi Winery where they make pineapple champagne.

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Marcy Morrison
Manitou Springs

Colorado commissioner of insurance
Do you feel differently in summer? I'm affected by gray skies day after day. I like sun and light. Summers in Colorado are perfect for me.

Name your best-ever summer. The best summers were when the children were younger and we could go off and explore and take vacations together.

Your worst-ever? The summers I had to spend my time walking door-to-door while campaigning for mayor of Manitou. I enjoyed meeting people, but I felt cheated out of nice days when everyone else was off enjoying themselves or working in their yards.

What do you foresee as this summer's highlight? Getting away with my entire family, including my grandchildren, for a few days somewhere in the mountains to hike around and celebrate birthdays collectively.

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Scott Czell

Construction company owner
Do you feel differently in summer? I'm big into snowboarding and water sports, so I feel similarly in the deep of winter and the deep of summer. It's the time between seasons that I'm bored.

What was your favorite summer? This one is looking pretty good already. I just got back from seven days of rafting the Yampa and Green rivers in Dinosaur National Park.

What summer would you least like to repeat? Two years ago, when I was starting my company. I worked straight through. It went by in a blur.

Are gas prices altering your summer plans? Most of my recreational activities require traveling into the mountains. I'm not going to give that up. It's going to cost more, though.


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