Super Silver Haze brings unlimited options for those stuck at home 

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  • Brandon Soderberg
The first thing I noticed about Super Silver Haze was that its buds look as though they are in the early stages of rotting. Like when you’re walking in the woods and you spot a plant, half-melted in the earth, touched by death, deflated and pale, moldy, emanating a halo of senescence. Next is its noisome cheese and citrus smell — a vomit scent, to be real — all of which is not that encouraging and also connotes rot. And the strain is an older one, a mix of Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk #1, all strains from another era that are now considered quaint and classic (or like Skunk #1, elusive). So there was something kind of thrilling about such an old-school strain really opening up and making things new again, especially when our world has been severely limited by (quite reasonable) curve-flattening orders.

When Super Silver Haze hits, it’s like putting headphones on or like putting those weird fancy opera binoculars up to your eyes or something. Things get different. Outside opened up. I yearned for dense music, something with a lot going on and a little bit of menace. The downside of that is not feeling like anything quite hits the spot, and so I was on to some other idea or sound before I even absorbed the previous one.

I knew what didn’t work. But whatever did work, well, the parameters were just that it couldn’t be what didn’t work. The high made me feel like I was full, spreading out from my lungs and ricocheting around, to my feet and fingertips and face, all a little electrified. What I’m maybe really talking about here is motivation, not just energy, but a sense that something could happen. But look, maybe Super Silver Haze had an easy gig: Like the rest of us, I’m mostly inside, so in this moment of self-distancing turned shelter-in-place turned who-knows-what by the time this is published, a Sativa like Super Silver Haze making the mundane new was going to really stand out.

But that’s a useful perk in a strain because you’re likely in the same apartment or house for days, maybe weeks, or if you’re lucky, wandering around a nearby park (or near the nearby park because the park has probably been closed for the time being) once a day and something that puts some fancy filter on feelings around it all matters. On its way down though, the physical effects float away and you’re left a little exhausted but still distracted, sitting up, sitting back down, checking Twitter, reading a few pages of a book, considering a jog, not satisfied.

At most other times this might be maddening, but Super Silver Haze lets you see unlimited options within a rather restricted space, and we are all restricted right now. At home, Super Silver Haze tells me there are so many things to do and think and feel, even if it is only for a few seconds each.

Strength: 8
Euphoria: 8
Existential dread: 2
Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 2
Nose: Lime and cheese
Music pairing: Mike and the Moonpie’s Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold
Drink pairing: Black cherry seltzer
Rating: 10


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