Sushi Aiki replaces Zen Fusion, and the eponymous Aiki roll kicks ass 

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  • Matthew Schniper

Aiki, a martial arts term, translates as “joining spirit” and describes how a practitioner, with little effort, blends with an attacker, leads and redirects their force. Aiki, mastered, is pretty kick-ass, which were the words I thought to myself upon seeing the 50 percent-off sushi signage covering up Zen Fusion’s old sign here. Sushi Aiki took over a couple months ago, and this promotional deal should continue for a little while longer my server says.

Nigiri pieces are only $1, so I down one each of salmon, red snapper, eel and white tuna, all tidy and fresh. Simpler spicy salmon and sake kawa (baked salmon skin) rolls, $2.98 each, are decent; the former lands kinda one-note sriracha and the latter crunches with yamagobo (pickled burdock root) with the skin (not too charred and still pretty chewy) leading the flavor.

The Angel Roll arrives sans the listed sriracha and a soy paper wrap, best I can tell, and could use a touch less cream cheese (which dominates its flavor) and a touch more jalapeño for heat balance, but the shrimp tempura’s a joy and it finishes all crunchy under panko. The Aiki Roll’s the star of the night, though, gorgeous under tri-color tobiko, tiny black and green wasabi pearls popping against bright orange salmon overlay and bright orange roe contrasting the stark white tuna-topped variants. Surf clam, krab and cucumber fill the interior for a crisp, faintly sweet and creamy effect. In a bite: kick-ass!

Location Details Sushi Aiki
4359 Integrity Center Point
Colorado Springs, CO


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