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Suthers: Tell him what he's won! 

Street Smarts

In taking Tuesday's mayoral election, John Suthers inherited a load of recalcitrant problems. Where to begin?

click to enlarge Michael Jones

Michael Jones of the Cottonwood Creek area is an engineer.

What's your take on John Suthers' election as mayor? I don't know a lot about the guy, but I had strong feelings about his predecessor. [Steve] Bach created a lot of unnecessary conflict, and his response to the fires was flat-footed.

What issue should Suthers tackle first? Fix the stupid roads. I'm a bike rider and have to dodge holes non-stop. Otherwise, I'd like to see more downtown development. This town is the world's biggest suburb.

How could the mayor encourage better jobs? Cultivate an atmosphere that's tolerant to a wider range of viewpoints. I've done some job recruiting in my field; young talent won't come here because they think we're wacko-conservative.

Complete this sentence: Four years from now, Colorado Springs will be ... more socially connected. The Denver-Boulder area has tons of MeetUps and non-political civic activities. Here, people meet mostly at work or church.

click to enlarge Natalee Ripley

Natalee Ripley of Village Seven is a baker.

What issue should the new mayor take on first? Schools and roads. The pothole situation is getting ridiculous.

How could the mayor create better jobs? Hike the minimum wage to $10 an hour.

Who would you name as mayor if you could? Ben Carson — hopefully, our next president. He's not a politician. He has common sense. He'd work hard for the working people of America.

Four years from now, Colorado Springs will be ... flourishing. Small business will be thriving and the minimum wage will be higher.

click to enlarge Cameron Barrett

Cameron Barrett of the southeast side works in a retirement home.

How do you feel about John Suthers' election as mayor? [Mary Lou] Makepeace's positions tended to be more in line with mine and most of my friends.

What issue should Mayor Suthers address first? The obvious answer is infrastructure, but I'd like to see more business and money directed at the southeast part of town.

If given the chance, what question would you ask the mayor? If he saw any possibility of a future without a strong military presence. We're transitioning into a more liberal city that is less in line with conservative, military ideals.

If you could pick the mayor, who would it be? I'd resurrect Hunter S. Thompson. He had effective, forward-thinking ideas when he ran for sheriff of Aspen.

Complete this sentence: Four years from now, Colorado Springs will be ... much bigger and a lot more on the map.

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