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Re: “AFA a work in progress

Disclaimer: I only speak for myself. I do not represent the USAF Academy Cadets, the US Air Force Academy, or the US Air Force.

I can't believe I'm actually reading the things that some of you are writing.

"why does someone like Mr. Longcrier have to insist on having a pagon stone circle at the AFA. The AFA was founded by a Christian Nation. Or has he forgotten this."

I didn't insist anything. And nobody has forgotten that the AFA was founded by a Christian Nation because it wasn't. Open up a history book or Google what some of our Founding Fathers (including George Washington) had to say about your "Christian Nation". Your ignorance and intolerace does you no good and I would suggest that you not display it in public.

"It seems to have been created secretly and deceitfully"

I've been running the Earth-Centered group for a couple of years now. I saw that there was definitely going to be a following and that our numbers were growing. So I figured it would be a good idea to search for an outdoor worship location. Nothing was done in secret. The Chaplain's Office and the rest of the Base have been in the loop the entire time. Things did happen quickly, but not secretly or deceitfully. And the reason they happened quickly is becuase the rocks were already in place when we were looking for possible locations. I didn't even pick the site. Someone else mentioned that the rocks were already there after I described in a meeting what I wanted to build (with my own money). So I met with that person and after seeing the site, I said "perfect"!

"This may very well be a publicity stunt on Longcrier's behalf to bring national recognition to his spiritual circle."

You can believe what you want to believe, but the Circle making national news isn't what's important here. What's important is that the entire world is reading the hate that is being spewed all over the internet from one faith to another. What's the big deal anyway? So you don't like us. So what? I probably wouldn't like you either, but I'm not going to damn you to hell because I don't like you (Not that I believe in hell.)

"This is a nice shiny bullet on Sergeant Longcriers performance reports and this was just the attention he needed to firmly establish earth based religions at USAFA."

Funny you say that because I just so happen to be the Non Commisioned Officer (NCO) of the Year, Dean of Faculty, 2009 right now. Surely a Pagan can't be capable of that, right? I'll let you know on March 6th if I win NCO of the year for the entire base or who you can congratulate if I don't. Thanks for your concern about my performance reports, but I think I have that area handled already.

"but I feel that a true Christian radical trying to prove a point would have gone further by creating permanent damage...Sergeant Longcrier truly had the most to gain, and did gain a lot from this incident"

Well, good thing a "true radical Christian" wasn't involved! Do you know how that sounds? And you're right, I gained so much from this. So much that now I take different routes to work everyday and look over my shoulder everywhere I go to make sure that some wacko isn't trying to hurt me or my family. You think I wanted that? No, but sometimes you have to stand up for that little document that you've probably never read before called the US Constitution. You don't even have to read that far to get to the part that talks about Freedom of Religion. It's the First Amendment if you're still looking.

Oh and remember what I said at the very beginning? "I can't believe I'm actually reading the things that some of you are writing." Well, I can't believe it, but I wear the uniform and would die protecting your right to do so! Remember that when you're bigotry is free-flowing from your mouths! There are many more than just Christian soldiers out there "giving all" so that you can spew your hatred towards your own kind!

Brandon Longcrier -

Disclaimer: I only speak for myself. I do not represent the USAF Academy Cadets, the US Air Force Academy, or the US Air Force.

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Posted by Tabias on 02/18/2010 at 11:37 PM

Re: “Inside the AFA worship circle

I like a good laugh as much as the next person, but I'm not laughing a whole lot at this article. I'm not sure what your point was in writing this and it's obvious that you didn't come to me or anyone for that matter to learn about Earth-Centered spirituality. I assume you wrote this just to be funny and that's ok, but some of your comments only serve to make it that much harder for people to believe in who we are and that what we do is real.

You also did what everyone else has been doing and jumped right to Wicca. For the record, this is not a Wiccan worship circle. It is an "Earth-Centered" worship circle. Wiccans are just as welcome to attend our services as all the other traditions that fall under the umbrella of Paganism, but this circle is not for them alone. Also, the Earth-Centered group here at the Academy currently has zero Wiccans.

It is difficult to describe Earth-Centered spirituality because we do have so many different beliefs, but just talking about the Horned God and ritualised sex hardly describes the majority of Earth-Centered practitioners. You definitely got people's attention with talking about those subjects and it seemed as if you were trying to make something out of the "Horned God". I can assure you and everyone else that the Horned God is not the devil. You can probably imagine where the myth of the devil came from now though. Also, ritualised sex is very rare in the Pagan community, especially here in the USA. I can assure you that ritualised sex will not be practiced or encouraged here at the Academy. The most that people here will be taking off will be their shoes and socks prior to entering the sacred space of the circle, so don't get too excited!

The failure to mention the Goddess was pretty major as well, especially since you focused mostly on Wiccans. The Horned God plays a huge role in the turning of the seasons, but the Goddess is the creator, destroyer, from whom all things come (according to myth and legend anyway).

Note - At this time we aren't encouraging people to "visit the worship circle high above the Cadet Path just north of the AFA visitors center." I'm still working up there and as of right now, we currently do not have an official foot path or trail leading up to the circle. Signs are clearly posted to stay on the paved trail that goes between the visitor's center and the chapel, so climbing the hillside would be doing so at your own risk. Security Forces may stop and question you as well if you found hiking up the hillside.

Brandon Longcrier -

Posted by Tabias on 02/13/2010 at 8:33 AM

Re: “AFA a work in progress

"So far we haven't had any real issues," he says. Really? Perhaps he isn't aware of the cross incident."

Yes I'm aware of the cross incident...I'm the one who found it and took the picture. What I meant was in regards to issues securing the stone circle, which we had none. I wanted to leave it up to leadership to handle the cross incident, but now it looks like the press is handling it.

Brandon Longcrier -

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Posted by Tabias on 02/02/2010 at 10:39 AM

Re: “Witching hour at the AFA

Thanks for the post, but I do want everyone to know that not everyone who practices Earth-Centered / Pagan spirituality considers themselves to be a Witch. The practice of Witchcraft is not what most people think it is. In the group that I run at the Academy, we participate in all kinds of things that are considered "Witchcraft", but as far as I know, myself and the person who runs the group with me are the only ones who really embrace the word "Witch" as something that we associate with ourselves. Some of the things that we do in the group that are considered Witchcraft would probably surprise most out there. We're not as exciting and crazy as many think. I have CDs that are part of a series by Christopher Penczak that are filled with meditations that we participate in all the time. The title of these CDs does contain the word Witchcraft, but just to give you an idea of what you might find on a "Witchcraft CD"; a meditation that we just did last Monday had us all in a meditative state, relaxing, and visualizing / cleansing our Auras. Other tracks that you might find on the CD include Tree Meditation, Sun and Moon, Heartbeat Control, Candle Meditation, and others. So next time you hear that a group of people are doing Witchcraft, think about it for a minute before passing judgment and know that they are most likely either trying to heal their own bodies or the Earth itself with their actions.

Brandon Longcrier -

Posted by Tabias on 01/30/2010 at 11:40 AM

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