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Brian Koch is an avid techie that’s worked in the tech field for dozens of years with Compaq/HP, his own pc business (Techpertise), outdoor photography (including safaris), and websites. He has lived with his wife Stacy in CO for over 16 years. E-mail questions, comments, suggestions to Brian: ; Twitter @Techpertise (tech tips-follow me) ; websites- , (tech tips, strategies, products, and how to succeed coming soon!)

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    Re: “Opioid limits are hurting some, who say they need the drugs

    Yes Andy- and it does suck. No ones asks for this and likes to deal with this. It is a strict process and I walk on eggshells. I cannot even see if MJ would help me as it violates my contract.

    I am not having issues walking and suspect it's tied to my spine problem.

    So easy for others to make judgements on situations they have not gone through or dealt with extremes such as yourself (and me for that matter).
    I am so tired of it. I do understand it to an extent. However, people should open their minds up (and hearts) and truly reflect on everyone who is affected. Should we simply take the approach of taking us less than useful individuals and drop us off in the woods as was done in the past in some ways? Understanding the full scope is very critical to this issue.

    If we need more restrictions- so be it. As long as those who sadly and truly require these necessary evils can still live at least a modicum of life vs. dying from pain which I know I certainly would. I have zero interest in using needles and street drugs. I'd really prefer to have my old life back.

    Good luck to you.

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    Posted by Techpertise on 10/21/2017 at 12:18 PM

    Re: “Opioid limits are hurting some, who say they need the drugs

    As a person that has had 2 spine fusions- both failed/ non-unions, I feel I can speak intelligently to this.

    1) If this poor man had a few beers while on his meds- unreasonable. Why? We all need to have a life and if you go to an event or what have you and you are WELL AWARE OF YOUR MEDS AND EFFECTS, you can have a beer or 2. I realize that goes against the grain but it's completely true. ALSO- I have had to deal with it myself after catching hell for some wine at a retirement dinner for a close friend. I was threatened and will be tested constantly now. Pathetic.

    2) Part of the issue, as mentioned, does seem to tie into new restrictions that are being done "under the table". I have new forms to fill out like asking whether I go to the ER to get more meds. Ridiculous. I understand these are dangerous medications, I understand no one wants to be held accountable which is unlikely, and I realize insurance has a bit to do with this.

    3) No one should take a risk that they don't completely understand, can affect their family, and moreover- others like driving. That is very important.

    All being said under #3, if this man is aware of his body, is very careful, and is not what most of us would consider abusing the meds- I think let this man be able to treat his pain as needed and of course under a doctor's understanding care and he must understand the risks.
    Risks exist with opioids as they do with many medications. The best doctor is the patient in the sense he/she should be aware of how things affect them. ESPECIALLY after a long term (consider years) of observed and reserved usage.

    Do not force people to suffer. I fear due to the epidemic of heroin and other newer synthetic meds/analogs that people of true need will now need to suffer.

    If we as a people can pass laws that allow people with severe issues to "call it quits", then those in high level of pain that cannot function due to that should be able to make their own choice within reason.

    Whether we need to have folks sign off on liabilities and such- so be it. I do think it should require a mental testing and such as you don't want to give something of great strength/addictiveness/danger to just anyone.

    Who are you to judge what someone's pain threshold/levels are? These medications when handled by MOST doctors are not handed out like candy to begin with. Exceptions? Of course. There always will be outliers and thoes that look to benefit illegally.

    MEANWHILE- people that are truly hurting and perhaps for long terms/life must suffer? I know how it goes and it's not right. Don't punish those in true need by the random actions of those that are outliers.

    Until you've been there (severe constant pain suffering), you will never possibly understand all the facets one goes through with major pain issues.
    I can assure you that I wish I did not suffer through 2 spine fusions that failed and whatever caused it to begin with.
    Walk a mile in my shoes. Wait, walk a half of block in them....

    Give those that truly suffer a break and don't rule them with an iron fist or be that Sister Mary Elephant, lol.

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    Posted by Techpertise on 08/30/2017 at 3:55 PM

    Re: “Working from home? You'll need more than your pajamas.

    Thanks Jim. Those were classic keyboards and made when everything was of quality and of course much more money I feel.

    Wired is the way to go if your office space is near your internet connection. There's less to go wrong no doubt and often faster. I do think you can secure your wifi and if you are logging in remotely I would guess you have a VPN, right? That should keep you secure but I agree that if you can do it- hard wire your network. I hate drilling holes though I have. I'm not the handy type unfortunately. I paid my handy man when I wired my basement office to my main connection up 2 1/2 stories higher. A lot of cabling... Thanks for reading! Feel free to email me if you have anything you want to discuss.

    Posted by Techpertise on 06/10/2017 at 2:37 PM

    Re: “Electronic add-ons provide more streaming options than you could ever watch on cable or satellite

    No argument from me (Bri the IT Guy). If you have in place something that already "gets you there", why pay more?

    I still believe that the Roku is the "Cadillac" of TV stations/free stations/ease of use.

    However, why spend the money and you are probably already adept in what you are doing.


    Posted by Techpertise on 05/02/2017 at 12:38 PM

    Re: “Digital video providers could be the end of your cable bill

    Hey something I want to put on there that will be briefly mentioned in my upcoming article- AVOID KODI.

    As I want to keep in my article, recall in the 80's those "legal" cable box channel descramblers? They did not last, did not work well (KODI with add-on's is better), and were illegal.

    Well KODI, the software that most of those Chinese KODI boxes are loaded with require additional software and often makes them illegal if not at least VERY VERY close. The boxes support drop quick as well- good luck suing an overseas overnight company that changes names (even in this country).

    They you are on your own. Then you are really stuck doing illegal practices to get those illegal channels.

    HBO, NETFLIX, etc.- legal??? No my friend, not. Not for long anyways in the USA.

    I'd put money on that one.

    I am open to discussion.

    Posted by Techpertise on 04/25/2017 at 12:25 AM

    Re: “Finding cheap internet is not easy

    Hey- I get excited when I see a "ditch witch" running full time around my neighborhood. I truly hope FIOS/fiber is coming.

    FOLKS!!!!! DID YOU KNOW THAT VERIZON FIOS OFFER 750 Mbs download speeds (same upload speed) for $70 in some markets? It's a no brainer if they don't have a data cap or now worse than Comcast at 1 Terabyte (our local shackles).

    I would personally LOVE TO HAVE THAT. I hope things change. Let's all help one another out.

    I feel a petition coming on. Anyone agree?

    Posted by Techpertise on 04/25/2017 at 12:20 AM

    Re: “ISPs are set to sell your personal data to the highest bidder, how can you stop them?

    Hey HolaMakina. I get it. There's a lot of $ to be made with this industry. Well TONS ACTUALLY.

    I've signed petitions, complained directly to the FCC, and much more. ALL WE CAN DO IS TRY.


    I am behind you on what you say above. Not sure about Bernie but I don't get into politics much if I can avoid it on here. This is not the place.

    It is the place to discuss technology, help one another with it, and if lucky- change the landscape of it.

    If we don't, who will? Thanks for your vocal opinions. You are not alone. I hope you will read more and be a contributor with your comments. They are welcomed.

    Posted by Techpertise on 04/25/2017 at 12:17 AM

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