Ted Galloway, Bryant Jones and Marvin 'Tattor' Mecom 

Sixty seconds with Ted Galloway, Bryant Jones and Marvin 'Tattor' Mecom

Indy: So how did you manage to pull together this benefit [Stay Human, a day-long concert for the homeless; see Reverb for more details] in just the last nine days. I take it artists were all pretty receptive?

BJ: Every musician I've talked to said they would do it, except for the two who were out of town.

Indy: So how do you know them all?

BJ: I've played in most of the bands myself.

TG: We've been playing around this area for years. Bryant and I are in Shakedown Street, and we've played duets, trios and all kinds of stuff.

BJ: The bands are one aspect of this, but we also want to brainstorm ideas. We're talking about having a contest to come up with the best idea on how to help with the homeless plight. We're also going to have an auction of donated goods. And there's an optional donation of $10, but it's not mandatory. You know, we don't want to turn somebody out just because they don't have enough money to come in. And then Tattor is going to physically take the donated sleeping bags and coats and cold weather-related items into the tent community. Because he knows a lot of people in the community and he's been in that situation.

Indy: How long were you in that situation, and when?

M'T'M: Well, all my life in a roundabout way.

Indy: So you were doing it back when it was called hoboing?

M'T'M: I'm a hobo for 25 years, but I used to be a professional acrobat.

TG: He does this back flip you oughta see. It's pretty incredible.

M'T'M: Yep, I won Best Entertainer, Fort Polk, Louisiana, United States Army. I won a gold plaque presented by a three-star general. That was back when I was 18, 19 years old. And then when I was stationed in Germany, we had three flights of stairs in our barracks. Every morning, I'd jump out of bed and run down the stairs — on my hands!

Indy: Was that a common thing for people to do back then?

BJ: Everybody was doing that in those days. [Laughs.]

At the Piano Warehouse, Dec. 26.

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