The airport VIP lounge, a new Sky Sox stadium, and the west side Kum & Go debacle 


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VIPs in COS?

I travel in and out of Colorado Springs quite a bit (at least 30 times so far in 2013). My 4 million frequent flyer air miles have given me a lot of experiences at airports. I have been a member of executive lounges many times over the years.

I have serious doubts that a special lounge at our airport ("Seeking airport VIPs," Letters, July 24) will improve business in Colorado Springs or increase activity in and out of the COS airport.

By my experience the use of a lounge is during a layover waiting for the next flight, never at the terminal point in a non-hub airport facility.

Frequent flyers like to move through quickly and spend as little time as possible associated with getting in and out of the airport. Since we now have a frequent flyer security line, that helps.

If the lounge idea truly stems from requests by the local business community and the airlines, then get them to put in some capital to help build, maintain and run the lounge. Make it a partnership that somehow provides risk and benefit to each group.

— Paul McNeill

Colorado Springs

Mom, Dad and MJ

We are fit to be tied over Colorado Springs City Council's decision to ban marijuana sales in El Paso County.

What is the point of voting if they are going to do whatever they want anyway? The whole situation is reminiscent of childhood where your family "votes" on who wants to go to what restaurant, but Mom and Dad make the ultimate decision.

The federal government has already said they would not interfere with states' rights on this one, and the officials are supposed to uphold the will of the people. It's maddening.

— Tom and Lania DeMers

Colorado Springs

Five for fighting

The following is a list of those City Council members who chose to blatantly ignore the will of the voters, and ban the legal retail sales of cannabis within the city limits.

1) Merv Bennett, mbennett@springsgov.com; 2) Don Knight, dknight@springsgov.com; 3) Joel Miller, jcmiller@springsgov.com; 4) Andy Pico, apico@springsgov.com; 5) Val Snider, vsnider@springsgov.com.

Write down these names, and keep them in a safe place, so you will remember them in the next City Council elections. I also urge you to vote HELL NO to any item placed on the ballot by any of them.

Whereas these people have chosen to keep recreational cannabis sales in the exclusive domain of the drug cartels and criminal gangs, further endangering the safety of our citizens, they must be removed from office!

— Thomas McCullock

Colorado Springs

Empire angst

Has Mayor Bach gone off the deep end? He wants to build a new stadium downtown, a new Olympic Museum, a new USAF Academy visitor center and a UCCS sports medicine and performance center. All for the sake of attracting more tourism.

So, he wants to spend $219 million, which will be closer to $350 million after it's all done, due to cost overruns. Where is the money coming from? The state? Another tax that Colorado Springs citizens don't want but will be forced to pay anyway?

We can't even keep the streetlights on. Why a new stadium? What's wrong with the existing one? Who really wants an ugly stadium downtown, blocking the view? Who are the deep-pocketed "supporters" that the Mayor is trying to please?

The mayor is empire-building, with no regard to what his constituents want. Let's vote on the stadium/museum idea, see how that goes. And if the voters say no, then the mayor can't just build it anyway because it's a cool idea.

— Bill Welter

Colorado Springs

Perfect diamond

I love going to see big-league-caliber baseball played at Security Service Field, the present Sky Sox stadium. A recent game was exciting even though the Sox collapsed in the ninth. We sat behind home plate in perfect seats. We could call balls and strikes as well as the umpire. The weather was delightful. There is constant fun activity between innings. There was a spectacular fireworks show afterward, and all for $9. By far it is the best bargain in any professional sport.

But here's the thing: There were many empty seats as there have been at many other games this year. I have always seen lots of empty seats even when Rockies players are here on rehab.

Those projections of greatly increased attendance with Mayor Bach's idea for a new stadium downtown are pipe dreams. Horsepiffle!

If the plan goes on, maybe a few downtown businesses will make some money. There will be a new housing tract to replace the current field, rewarding the current owners. However the rest of us will pay big bucks for many years to come.

Keep the Sky Sox in the same friendly field.

— Dale L. Kemmerer

Colorado Springs

For Pepsi and porn

Regarding "Kum & Go vs. Old Colorado City history" (City Sage, July 24): Sometimes I just don't understand this Colorado Springs place. We wish to grow and be prosperous as a city, but we don't want a Kum & Go? Come on!

Just because Old Colorado City is becoming a pile of old crumbling bricks doesn't mean it's more valuable. Who are we to turn down new businesses!? What about the siblinghood of humanity? What about cheap gas and fountain drinks?

Have people lost so many freedoms that this is the only thing they are willing to fight for? Come on! The name is great, it's competition to 7-Eleven, and they might even sell porn there! Thank you God!

— Michael Krys

Colorado Springs

Spurning the sheriff

Thank you for calling out Sheriff Terry Maketa in your recent column ("The two sides of Terry Maketa," Between the Lines, July 24). I have felt he has been a fraud since the Indy's March 2010 reporting on issues in his office ("Star treatment," cover story).

He has been running for office since the first of the year, playing to his base. I hope he runs for governor, as I feel he will be trounced and maybe then he will go away.

— Terry Lukken


Thanks, Kenneth

Our neighborhood needed help after the fire/floods on Ute Pass; the only official who was willing and able to help was Kenneth Quintana.

I want to let everyone know that Mr. Kenneth Quintana of CDOT (responsible for our segment of Ute Pass) is someone who can get things done, especially at the Cascade Post Office. He has listened to our concerns, been courteous and is interested in finding the best solutions.

— David Johnson


Don't call me "sweetie"

My letter is not on an earth-shaking or even current topic. It is purely personal, but is one with which I believe many will agree.

I am a "senior citizen," although I dislike that title and never use it. I am very active, and have been told by many that I seem a lot younger than I am, not because of outward appearance, but because of my spirit and personality. I firmly believe that we all remain the same inside, regardless of how we look as we age.

So, this is my complaint: I feel that being addressed as "honey," "sweetie," "hon" and other such terms is disrespectful and condescending. It implies that we are child-like because we are over a certain age. Not true.

I am so tired of checkers in stores addressing me this way, that I felt compelled to write and complain about it. I know others feel this way, as I have asked friends and relatives. If a manager reads this, please ask your employees to show respect to older people and stop talking to us as if we are 2 years old.

— Sally Alberts


Feed the hungry

Earlier this month the U.S. House of Representatives, on a party-line vote, broke with tradition by stripping from the farm bill the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps). What's left in the bill is billions of dollars of subsidies, mostly for farming conglomerates. The U.S. Senate passed a much more balanced bill last month. The farm bill sets U.S. agricultural, food and resource conservation policy for the next five years.

I am all in favor of reducing our national deficit, government waste, and medical costs. But that's not gonna happen by taking nutritious food from the mouths of 47 million of our least privileged members.

— Claus Singer

Colorado Springs


In the July 24 "Street Smarts," the photos for Molly Harris and Andrea Palos were swapped. We regret the error.

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