The American people are not being served well 

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Despite the many statements to the contrary by party leaders,( i e -impeachment process has to be bi partisan) the House Democrats have taken the next step forward in their three year quest to remove President Trump. The vote turns out to be completely partisan as anyone who follows this monumental hoax and has an above room temperature I.Q could have predicted.

The Democrat leadership are in lockstep in their statements that they take no joy or pleasure in what they are embarking on.
Can anyone possibly believe such pronouncement out of the very same mouths that have consistently called for impeachment from day one of the Trump administration ? To the contrary, they are filled with glee and joy .
I won't get into all the utter unfairness and phony aspects of this Communist style State Trial but I would like to point out a couple of things that all Americans should be concerned about.

Nothing major is being accomplished while impeachment news sucks all the legislative oxygen out of the room. The American people are not being served well when legislation like the USMCA trade bill set on Speaker 's desk for months without bringing it to a floor vote. Perhaps she really doesn't hold the American workers situation in high regard but its more likely that she fears
passage would be seen as a Trump victory

Ask yourself, what is the result if the House finally votes on Article of Impeachment? It then moves to the Senate where it is basically dead on arrival and the process stops. House Democrat's already know this so why waste all this time and effort to accomplish an outcome doomed to failure? They really don't give a hoot about impeachment or, the Constitution for that matter. The real goal is o destroy the Presidents image in the mind of swing voters and thus effect the 2020 election. What kind of Party puts the peoples welfare above their selfishness.
Like the dog that chases the car , the Democrat's may well regret that they caught it The American people are starting to smell something rotten and that will spell peril for Democrat candidates in 2020 and could result in Republican control of the House,Senate, and White House. Two old sayings seem appropriate.. Be careful what you wish for and, what goes around -comes around!

Len Bentley


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