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The new year offers 365 brand new days. That's 365 chances to become better people living in a better place. Can we make it happen in 2014?

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Ian Wilcox of the central area is a union electrician

How do you feel about the new year? I'm excited and optimistic, and I'm encouraged about the direction our state has been taking recently.

Anything in particular? I see a lot of Coloradans taking pride in what they're doing. And locally, the music community has a lot of positive collaborations going on.

Do you have any plans or resolutions? I hope to expand What's Left Zine — it's a local publication I work on about music, art, politics and poetry.

What should Colorado Springs have for a 2014 resolution? I think we should self-invest by focusing on and encouraging the local businesses and the local community. Sometimes the Springs has been looked down upon, but there's lots of potential here.

How about a U.S. resolution? We should invest in our own country and stay out of other nations, and we should separate the corruptive influences of money and politics.

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Lora Elliott of Fort Collins is a student

How do you feel about the start of a new year? I'm excited about it, for something different. I'm graduating college soon and I've been meeting new people. This year could be exciting.

Do you ever make New Year's resolutions? I think about it, but not really. If I'm going to do something, why not just do it now, instead of waiting for a certain date to start?

Can you suggest a New Year's resolution for Colorado Springs? I grew up here, and lived here most of my life. I think we should come together more; it's so spread out, and most of the areas seem to just stay in their own area.

What would you wish for our country? To learn to compromise; the two parties are too polarized. Focus on what's best for the people.

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Roslin Cross of the Widefield area is retired

How are you feeling about the start of a new year? I think it will be as good as we choose to make it. I choose to make it the best year ever.

Have you made any New Year's resolutions? Yes, I want to be a little softer and a little kinder. If we pass it on, maybe it will grow.

What would you wish for Colorado Springs? Resolve the internal debates. There are too many of them.

How about for our country? I wish we'd put God back in "God Bless America." There are too many places we've strayed away from that.

What can we learn from 2013? Man shouldn't be fighting with man; we should combine our efforts for the greater good.

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