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We've got a Wall Street meltdown, conflict in flammable pockets of the world and an upcoming presidential election. Too bad you can't rely on "the news" for what you really need to know about what's going on.

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Mike Thompson
Bon Park


Name a story that got too much media attention this year. Britney Spears' panties, for one. All that attention should have gone to the economy and jobs, locally and nationally. Five hundred people got laid off where I work.

If you were a news personality, would you sound like Rush Limbaugh, Katie Couric or Jon Stewart? Rush. I don't like to sugarcoat anything. I like getting right down to what the real problem is and demanding straight answers.

Were you to interview Sarah Palin, what question would you most want to ask? How would you handle being president if something happened to [John] McCain?

Predict the headline on Nov. 5. "It's McCain-Palin!"

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Grant Deming

Marketing manager

Name a story that got too much media attention this year. Sarah Palin was over-covered everything from the "lipstick on a pig" thing to her evangelical background.

What question would you most like to pose Palin in a TV interview? How her religious beliefs shape her thinking, and how that would affect me.

What's really behind the Wall Street collapse? Corporate greed. Taking chances that should never have been taken.

What will the headline read on Nov. 5? "Obama wins by a small margin."

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Christine Siddoway
Patty Jewett

Geology professor

Name an issue that got inadequate news coverage this year. We don't get enough international reporting in the U.S.

What's the real story behind Wall Street's collapse? Trusting the market to regulate itself. Letting the excitement of growth drive things free of checks and balances.

Pretend you're a news personality. Are you most like Rush Limbaugh, Katie Couric or Jon Stewart? I love Jon Stewart's nimble wit and intelligence, but I'm more the sincere, well-intentioned, diligent type, like Couric.

What question would you pose Sarah Palin in a head-to-head TV interview? I think you should bring demonstrated skills to the job, not learn them as you go, so I'd ask: "What makes you believe you'd function skillfully in the international arena?"

It's Nov. 5. What's the headline? I keep vacillating between optimism that it'll announce [Barack] Obama's election, and concern that it'll announce McCain's election.


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