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The fine line of opinion 

Editor's note: The following have been submitted by Indy readers, unedited, un-fact-checked, and presented in whole. Join the conversation in the comment section below, or via email to

Thank you for your Voice of Reason piece on trust in the media. It is a sad day in this country when the people cannot trust a news source for basic information. I have no problem with a reporter/journalist expressing their opinion on a story or subject, as long as it is disclosed that it is their opinion. Somewhere/sometime, it seems we have crossed the line between straight reporting of a news story, and an opinion thrown in as if it were news. I turn to multiple sources for my news currently, and try to decipher straight news, versus opinion. I don't participate on twitter/face book for any source of news, as many these days do. I hope we can get back to a point where the public can get s straight news story when desired, and for those who want an opinion, they may also get that. My fear is that the line between an opinion and news/facts is quite blurred. I also thank you for your publication and read it every week.

David Naumann



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