The 2013 Bites Dining Guide 


Bienvenidos a Bites.

No, we haven't gone with a Spanish theme this year, but consider yourself forewarned that we have significantly shaken things up as far as format goes. In this booklet we focus on the food specifically, single dishes that provide slices of insight into the places that dish it. Consider each an amuse bouche of sorts.

We call these "essentials," leaving the "bests" to be decided in our readers' poll each fall. (We included those "Best Of Colorado Springs" picks here for your reference.) And note that we've called nothing our "favorite," either: These 100 write-ups are presented in no particular order.

They're intended to inspire a disorderly feast instead of some regimented meal plan. It's not a damn weight-loss diet, it's an ear-splitting dinner bell: Come get some!

Bites also provides input from a handful of revered local chefs, who share some of their go-to spots. But if your own go-to, your metaphoric Ring of Power meal, has gone unmentioned, we want to know about it. Leave a comment here, telling us what dish or drink you would have included as essential to your happiness.

And while you're on our website, take note of our constantly updated dining database. It's available 24/7, and you can search by cuisine, restaurant name or area of town. This is where our perpetual dining database lives and breathes.

One last note, which we belabored in our introduction to 2012's Bites: With regards to restaurant consistency, the best we can say about the opinions herein is that they reflect our last experience or our research. Things change, people change, and you may encounter something contrary to what we encountered. (If so, let's hope it's even better than we've described.)

We invite you to now turn the page and begin your sure-to-be satiating adventure, enjoying the masterful and alluring photographs along the way. Happy dining.

Bites 2013: Top drinks and eats

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Bites 2013: Top drinks and eats

Bites 2013: Top drinks and eats

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