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23 Wednesday

click to enlarge "The NORAD Incident"
  • "The NORAD Incident"

Given the increasingly alarmist theories that are finding their way into GOP debates, it may come as some surprise that the one presidential candidate to speculate about a UFO coverup this year would be none other than Hillary Clinton. According to the Huffington Post, the Democratic frontrunner vowed at a recent campaign stop that, if elected, she would launch an investigation into UFOs and whatever truth is out there at Area 51. And while it's highly unlikely there'll be any former First Lady sightings at area alien enthusiast Steve Alexander's "The NORAD Incident" presentation, you never know what other entities of interest may be present. 6:30 p.m., Woodland Park Public Library, 218 E. Midland Ave., Woodland Park, free, 687-9281. — Bill Forman


24 Thursday

click to enlarge ArtBar Meet and Greet
  • ArtBar Meet and Greet

The Colorado Springs arts community is — and has always been — collaborative. Back in the late '90s, a group of artists and curators would get together on a regular basis to sip coffee and talk about the arts. There was no meeting agenda, no grand plan, just a conversation about how to make the community better. Now, Abigail Kreuser of Kreuser Gallery and Deena Bennett of The Bridge Gallery (among others) are breathing new life into yesteryear's ArtBar. This gathering is open to artists, curators, filmmakers, poets, actors or really anyone with an interest in the arts, including regular Joes like you and me. The goal is to inspire cooperation, creativity and communication, all things that can only help a city's growing arts scene. Drop by Kreuser tonight for the first of many future ArtBars. 5:30-7 p.m., Kreuser Gallery, 218 W. Colorado Ave., 464-5880, abigailkreusergallery.com. — Alissa Smith


25 Friday

click to enlarge The Glass Menagerie
  • The Glass Menagerie

More than 70 years ago, a man of not-yet-realized significance debuted a seemingly simple, four-character play that would launch his career and help him become one of the most highly regarded dramatic playwrights to date. The Glass Menagerie was not Tennessee Williams' first play, but it was his first success — a thinly veiled examination of his own troubled family and childhood via the characters of Tom, Laura, Amanda and Jim. It's a piece that has aged quite well over the years, with the characters and the deeper concepts they explore remaining relevant even today. New to the work of Williams? Longtime fan? For the next three weeks, you can catch this American classic over at the Black Box Theatre, performed as intended with intimate staging and Williams' signature dialogue. 7 p.m., Black Box Theatre, 1367 Pecan St., $10-$20, blackboxdrama.com, 330-1798. — Bridgett Harris


26 Saturday

click to enlarge Belly Dance Tribute to Pink Floyd's The Wall
  • Belly Dance Tribute to Pink Floyd's The Wall

What do Pink Floyd and the ancient art of belly dancing have in common? The answer: practically nothing — except that they are coming together in what can only be a mesmerizing performance tonight. A Bellydance Tribute to Pink Floyd's The Wall is just that, plus some. Regional dancers of all disciplines (modern, jazz, theatrical, you name it) have put together routines to the music of the band's most popular album, which will be played front-to-back for the audience's pleasure. Katinna Guana, belly dance veteran and event organizer, says she always tries to do something different with her shows. I think we can all agree that this fits the bill! 8 p.m., Zodiac Venue and Bar, 230 Pueblo Ave., $10, zodiacvenue.com, 632-5059. — Alissa Smith


26 Saturday

click to enlarge Vegan Master Chef Challenge
  • Vegan Master Chef Challenge

I grew up on Iron Chef, confused by the chairman of Kitchen Stadium and mesmerized by the drama of both the ingredients and the cooking techniques of the competitors. The more alien the ingredients, the better the competition — that's the name of the game. And to many American palates, nothing is more alien than vegan ingredients. Replace Kitchen Stadium with Seeds Community Café and Chef Morimoto with Chef Rachel Leonard and you've set the scene for tonight's Third Annual Vegan Master Chef Challenge. Expand your culinary horizons, or take notes for your own vegan vittles when Chef Leonard defends her title against challenger Tammy Dixon. "Allez cuisine!" 6 p.m., 109 E. Pikes Peak Ave., $38, facebook.com/MasterChefChallenge — Craig Lemley


29 Tuesday

click to enlarge Support Tyler
  • Support Tyler

Around this time last year, I was in Los Angeles sampling from the coffee counters at Go Get Em Tiger and G&B, two businesses co-owned by Colorado Springs native Charles Babinsky. He'd just won the U.S. Barista Championship (later placing second in the World Championship) and I was interviewing him for the Indy. I mention this because today, another Springs boy has high hopes as he prepares to compete in this year's USBC. Help Tyler Hill cover travel costs to Atlanta by attending tonight's fundraiser at The Principal's Office, where he works and where he'll be mixing four new drinks for $10 each. 5 p.m. to close, 1604 S. Cascade Ave., free, poativywild.com. — Matthew Schniper


29 Tuesday

click to enlarge Carrie Underwood
  • Carrie Underwood

When it comes to American Idol alumni, fourth season winner Carrie Underwood is still the uncontested Queen of Platinum. The most successful of all Okies from Muskogee, she's sold 15 times as many albums as Adam Lambert, which could be why Underwood's headlining the Broadmoor World Arena the very same week that Lambert's playing Denver's diminutive Paramount Theater. And while the country superstar may have dialed back the production values on last year's Storyteller album, she's making up for it on her Stories in the Round tour with four costume changes per night. Take that, Adam! 7 p.m., 3185 Venetucci Blvd., $46-$76, worldarena.com. — Bill Forman


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