The problem here is hate 

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As of Sunday August 4, 2019, the 216 day of the year there have been 250 mass shootings so far. The gun violence archive says there were 33,028 total shooting incidents in 2019, resulting in 8,734 deaths and 17,308 injuries. The FBI says more Americans have died in domestic terrorists attacks than international ones since 9/11. Domestic terrorism is increasingly motivated by white supremist ideology. Domestic terrorists continue to be radicalized online. These white terrorists have a common viewpoint and they are coming together to share ideas, inspire each other, and give their morbid twisted dreams reality, continually trying to outdo the last.
The violence in this country is out of control. It's like we're turning into an Iraq or Afganistan. You never know where the next shooting will be. We don't feel safe at school or the workplace, or in a movie theater or at a mall, or at a major event or concert, or at a store, church, club, restaurant or parking lot.
The wall that is being built to keep out immigrants and terrorists is harboring domestic terrorists who are growing in numbers and boldly carrying out hateful, murderous fantasies. This leadership is cultivating it's own terrorists by encouraging white nationalists with daily racist tweets, racist rants at rallies, racist name calling and degredation of colored congress members, and silence when an innocent black man dies. He demoralizes women and people of color continually. This Presidency is directed by racism, bigotry and division. There are many reasons for the problems we have today and Trump isn't the sole one to blame. He's only part of the problem. The internet, dishonest venemous talk show hosts on fox radio, easy access to guns, have all contributed to the major problems we are dealing with now, but the fact that we have a President that stokes fear, and constant racial hate is the primary reason hateful people are carrying out these heinous crimes. With past Presidents, demons hid in the shadows. Now they walk in the light hurting and killing people that don't look like them or think like them. Trump has the biggest platform, the biggest voice and everyone listens. Since he took office the dirty cockroaches were able to come out of hiding. They once had to harbor their feelings, but finally there is a leader that's not interested in morals or values or common decency. He continually spews hateful speech. He says any offensive thing he wants and people have to take it because he's President. Well if the President can say and tweet racial hate, then it's acceptble. It shouldn't be acceptable by anyone, especially the President. Hate speech hurts people and does detrimental damage. The President needs to use words to build people up, not tear them down. His words should be positive and encouraging.
The two mass shooting that happened this weekend in Texas and Ohio were motivated by hate and extremism. The shooting in El Paso was a result of white nationalism and racial hatred. The 21 year old white terrorist was inspired by the manifesto of the white nationalist right wing conspiracy theory "The Great Replacement" which is the idea that Muslims, Jews, Hispanics, Africans need to be replaced by white Europeans. A need to preserve White European Identity. For years, Fox news has talked about Democrates "embracing a growing hispanic population" and how dangerous it is. The shooter wrote that he had to do something "against immigration" and posted his anit-immigtration essay online to a community of white nationalists. The manifesto was about defending the country from "cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion of hispanic immigrants." Republican politicians on Fox news speculated about a link between video games inspiring the El Paso shooting, because he referenced the game "Call of Duty." Let's not ignore the real issue. Yes violent video games desensitize youth to violence and of course we have a gun crisis in this country, and we do need more care for mental health, but the biggest crisis here is hate. Without hate, we wouldn't have all the shootings. We can't ignore this any more. Nothing will change if we don't call it what it is and we all try to do something to change it, by not accepting the President's hateful speech.
We have a President who only looks out for other billionairs and corporate America. This is someone who thinks conning people and using underhanded, deceitful tactics is good business. He despises the poor and works at making their lives even harder. His campaign promises were to fulfil a hateful agenda of 1) putting Hillary Clinton in prison. 2) building a wall to keep out immigrants 3) tearing down health insurance for poor people. He incited hostillity at his rallies, getting his supporters to agree to the same hateful ideas he has. He puts out negative, mean and insensitive tweets daily. He has said thousands of abominable things about women, immigrants, the media, racist comments about muslims, mexicans, and blacks. About the Charlottsville car attack he called the white nationalist very fine people. When Colin Kaepernick took a stand for racial inequality and injustice Trump called him unpatriotic and disrespectful and shamed him with explitives. He told lies about the four Congresswomen and told them to go back where they came from. He insulted and degrated Congress and Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, describing the Baltimore District as a"disgusting rat and rodent infested mess" and a "very dangerous and filthy place where no human being would want to live." He continues anti-immigrant rhetoric as he has from the beginning which influences, incites and galvanizes.
Democratic Candidates talk about policy changes to the economy, environment, health care, immigration, wages, etc, etc,. What about returning American values back to where they were before Trump was President? What about restoring morals? What about making honesty, kindness, compassion and love important again? The only candidate I've heard say anything about this is Marianne Williamson. She said "Democrates won't win with someone who only has political toughness" to take on Trump "Only two things will counter the fear Trump has brought to the country. Truth and Love" " The real truth is how deeply corrupt our country has become." Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said the first thing she would do as President is "Clorox the Oval Office." I assume the scum she's talking about is hate. That definately needs to get cleaned up. We need to start with a leader that has good moral character and cares about all people and this country, like we did before. The American President works for Unity, Security, Justice and Peace. They are a light for the rest of the world. They were. Now things are different, so different I don't know if we can ever go back. Our standards for the U.S. President has changed. This country's character has changed and is now broken and weak and full of darkness. We have been driven off track and are headed over a cliff. We all need to come together and fight hate with acceptance and love and it starts with denouncing racism and any hate in all forms.

Marie Ruela


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