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Re: “A realistic remedy, committing to solar, a Dem's plea, and more

We definitely agree!

John Stewart really should be in his cabinet somewhere. Chief Correspondent seems appropriate - talk about high ratings!! People listened more to him than President Obama.

Let's draft him... We can hold a letter writing party and convince Bernie to make the call: "Bernie - make politics popular again by letting Jon Stewart poke fun at the wingnutz, billionares, and extremists!"

Sanders/Warren/Stewart would be the most powerful catalyst of political awareness I can imagine at the moment. Consequently, we would dramatically increae involvement!

This should happen. Seriously.


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Posted by Kevin Brewton on 01/22/2016 at 8:56 AM

Re: “A realistic remedy, committing to solar, a Dem's plea, and more

You're right, Mr. Mucus - I do agree, and I did misread your comments. But I'm actually sitting corrected ;-)

I see a lot of nonsensical commentary by shills for the establishment, and I summarized your comment with a scan of the handle and the last line, which seemed at first like an attack on the validity of a socialist viewpoint. I didn't read thoroughly.

I am apologizing, and I don't mean to make excuses, but I answered in a very anxious and irritated mood. I've been the subject of some serious misdeeds over the last few days, and my stress level is through the roof.

That said, as far as being controlled goes (presumably vs. an idealistic total-freedom scenario called anarchy), you make a good point that government control is only necessary because not all will properly control themselves. But if the incentives included the proper end goal, we wouldn't need to police them. It's as simple as doing the right thing for the right reason.

Rational people make decisions at the margin, where it affects them. First - not all are rational. Second, the root of the problem is the internal value system, which says that I am more important than you, and I can own whatever I can control.

These are the root arguments: Private property (and rule) or communal property and rule. Crony capitalism (not Adam Smith's free-hand-of-the-market version) represents exclusive strength of capital, and communism removes all control of capital and determines it's own intent. These are both extremes, and we can see from history that neither can produce long term balance on any front.

Not only do we have divisively influencing cognitive factors such as religion, which have a decision-making structure that is proud to exclude reason as necessary), but we have an economic and power structure that is based on maximizing externalization and absolving corporate entities from liability via the 'corporate veil'. This is why the Trans Pacific Partnership is SO evil - completely unchecked power.

So, even if someone has 'enlightened self-interest' (Socialist) values, their decisions are still affected by a system that pits them against those values at the margin where they find equilibrium.

Therefore, our incentive system (economy) must be engineered to create maximum good for everyone, lowering costs and needs. We must engineer incentives to internalize all actual costs to the well being of others and of the planet. To me, that is democratic socialism.

But democracy IS socialist. I wasn't referring to a document called We The People, but to an ideology represented and repeated throughout the Constitution. Nowhere does it say, "In the interests of those who control or own capital." When you make something in the interests of The People, you are making something socialist.

The word Socialist means ownership of the means of production by the proletariat. This doesn't determine the delivery method, though. Communist Socialism like we see in Russia gives the reins of that desired socially-beneficial (socialist) outcome to a dictator or government.

Democratic Socialism puts the reins in the hands of those who VOTE. Big money has incentives that externalize costs, absolve responsibility, and concentrate wealth in the hands of a few. When we combine low turnout with special interest lobbying and an open door for purchasing our political system, we get something totally mutated from Adam Smith's enlightened self interest. That's what we have now.

Not only do we need to take the reins back (with democracy), we need to restructure our incentives (with socialism) so that if a person wants to be great or powerful, or significant, then they figure out how to solve a problem that inhibits humanity.

Before capitalism made wealth so scarce and hard to obtain, people could pursue profits AND still have the greater good in mind. Winfield Scott Stratton was a good example. But this city is a bit short on that type of socialism.

Our solutions will be found in worker co-ops, small businesses and thriving local economies based on local ownership, local currency, local production, local distribution, owner management, and by drying up the mainline of revenue that we send out of our local economy with internet purchases and chain store patronage.

I hope that clarifies for you my understanding of history, as well as my reading comprehension skills, both of which have been realigning my values for quite some time now.


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Posted by Kevin Brewton on 01/21/2016 at 6:11 PM

Re: “A realistic remedy, committing to solar, a Dem's plea, and more

I'd write a more lengthy response, but your mucous-lined handle indicates either an inability to locate either your values or a spine with which to enforce them.

KISS: No part of "We The People, By The People, Of The People, For The People" mentions capital. Or self-interest.

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Posted by Kevin Brewton on 01/20/2016 at 10:53 PM

Re: “A realistic remedy, committing to solar, a Dem's plea, and more

I'd reply with more, but your handle indicates an inability to locate either your values or a spine with which to enforce them.

KISS: No part of "We The People... For The People... By The People... Of The People" indicates self interest. Nor capital.

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Posted by Kevin Brewton on 01/20/2016 at 10:47 PM

Re: “Meet the LocalFood CS app

It's not that you shouldn't buy Palisade peaches, and you already know where to get those. It's that if we all benefit more as a LOCAL community when purchase dollars stay here. So by eliminating the greatest portion of your external (to the community) spending, you contribute more to your local economy. Go ahead and eat your peach, but please buy as much of the other stuff from local producers, and help the common cause by supporting this great project.

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Posted by Kevin Brewton on 02/28/2015 at 10:35 AM

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