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America was built on resistance. How does today's political and social climate intersect with that spirit? How do people express their resistance?

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  • Nachiketa

Nachiketa of Minnesota is a painter and filmmaker.

Do you believe we are in a time of resistance? I believe we are in a time where resistance is necessary, definitely.

What is there to resist? Everything. The fact that the current administration wants to roll back regulations that keep at least a semblance, some preservation, of our environment. Also, how the media projects words like "immigrants" and "terrorists" and how biased the description is — when the perpetrator is brown and of a certain religion they are a terrorist, but when they are white and Christian they are not, even though they kill so many. Words and labels are something we have to resist.

What is the desired outcome of the resistance? A more inclusive world that is full of people that are empathetic, intelligent and don't keep falling into pitfalls that are thousands of years old or even 200 years old. We are all human beings and are more than the differences that are being projected onto us.

How do you approach conversations around resistance when it comes to family or friends or colleagues? It doesn't always go well. A lot of people just want to concentrate on their daily bread and butter. I think it is sad that most people don't realize that their bread and butter and their breath and their water and their everything depends on these conversations. If we do not think, then we cannot be human beings and we cannot sustain ourselves.

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  • Susan Jones

Susan Jones of the Westside is in the food and beverage industry.

What do you think there is to resist right now? I think there is very blatant manipulation being practiced by the government and I don't think it is different now than it was 10 years ago. We have been in the place of needing to resist for a very long time. Right now, with our new president being a very fascist figure, all of a sudden there is a face to corruption. I am actually really grateful that our president is who he is because now everyone is on the same page with not being okay with being manipulated.

Are there any causes you are following or engaging in? I personally want to be a part of any government protest that is here in this community. I don't think we need just one thing in particular, I think we need all of it.

What do you think the goals are of the modern resistance movement? What I feel from the people around me is that our common goal is to be in control of our own lives in a much more significant way than we are now.

How do you approach discussions about racism or social or environmental justice when it comes to family and friends? Definitely from a place of vulnerability and ideally non-judgment, though we are all judgmental beings. I think the only way we bring those conversations back around to humanity is by sharing genuinely how we feel — and that is not easy, it is not perfect and it isn't politically correct, but I think that is the only way we can connect with each other as human beings.

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  • Bek Jeffries

Bek Jeffries of Briargate is a hostess and busser.

Do you think art plays a role in communicating what people are thinking and feeling right now? Yes. I consider myself to be an artistic person. Representing what I believe in through my art is a huge part of me. I feel like art is something people can relate to and it is also very interpretive. One person can take it one way and another can take it another.

How do you approach discussions about what is going on in the world right now? If it does come up, I try to think about either side and see where they are both at. If I disagree, I will try and tell them that I understand, but that I personally think differently and that it is OK for us to disagree.

Do you think there is a specific outcome everyone wants? I think everyone is looking to have everyone else understand what they believe in. Some people are a little more extreme and want everyone to actually follow what they believe in, but I think that just having people understand is the underlying goal.


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