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Sixty seconds with Rudolf Schenker

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Indy: So you're an author now? Of a self-help book?

RS: Yes, of course! I had this idea because I saw in my career so many people who made the wrong decision when they were young by following the money line — "Where do I make the most money?" — instead of "Where do I have the most fun? Where can I do my hobby for a living?" If you make a decision to have as much fun as possible and really follow your hobby, well, that's what we did. And that's the example that I set in Rock Your Life — that I did everything wrong in the beginning only to find out, in the end, that I did everything right.

Indy: And this is really Scorpions' farewell tour?

RS: Ever since Gorbachev invited the Scorpions into the Kremlin, the Scorpions became more and more a band about building bridges, between religions, between generations, between countries even. And that's the reason we've been together this long, and why we are now calling this the last tour and the last album (Sting in the Tail). From '65 to '79 we managed ourselves, because management was not allowed in Germany. So we know how to make decisions. And we know that the '80s are somehow back, and our new album is the essence of the '80s, a kind of 'best of,' but with new songs. And we're going onstage with a big '80s kind of show, but with a multimedia twist. So it's a perfect way to really leave the scene, instead of crawling out in front of our fans and not having any more fun.

Indy: What's next for you?

RS: I'll have enough time to promote the book. And [with kid brother Michael] we're also doing this Schenker Brothers guitar for Dean, with our faces on it, laser etched. I'm also planning to make another signature Rudolf Schenker guitar with Gibson, and there is a plan to make a Schenker Brothers album. So everything is possible, and everybody in the band has something to do.

At Broomfield's 1stBank Center, August 17.


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