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Same old crew

A lot of the post-election glee is about The Donald being a fresh, straight-shootin' strongman. He's an outsider! He'll shake things up! No more business as usual!

Well, in that electoral stampede for change, y'all re-elected all of the career Washington Insiders (WI) in the House and Senate. Plus The Donald is choosing the most rabid, er, brilliant Washington Insiders for cabinet and top administration posts.

While The Donald is mightily tweeting, and being the Most Huge and Magnificent President, Ever!™, I'm sure Mr. Expunge Mike Square Pence and The WI Gang will make sure you get that shake-up, and maybe even the Rapture!

Good luck with your Trickle Down Hopey and Changey!

— Dan Marvin

Colorado Springs

Thanks, Donald

Aw, the election may not be too bad. Donald Trump will do something enormously stupid in the next year or so that will get him impeached. In the meantime, he did all of us a great favor in getting rid of the Bushes and the Clintons. No more phony wars, no more bank bailouts, no more sleaze, no more influence peddling.

— Robert B. Hoff

Colorado Springs

Not a 'deplorable'

Now that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States of America, do you want to know why? It is simple: Hillary Clinton called me a "deplorable" ... despite the fact I am a third-generation veteran who loves this country.

I am Hispanic, but she made me sick with her divisive tactics (what? can't a Hispanic desire respect for our laws, our law enforcers and national sovereignty?). I am socially liberal despite being a Christian (hey, this is America... I can't tell people how to live their lives, only ISIS does that).

Lastly, the most important thing to me is that I just wanted people to have job opportunities so they can support themselves. Clinton offered nothing but strife, divisiveness and more taxes whereas Donald Trump at least offered (in my eyes) something different and I was 100 percent willing to take that chance.

Essentially, Clinton lost this election because she tried to make decent people (like me) with opposing views look like they are "radicals" or "outsiders" despite just being normal folks. Progressive tactics of divide, sub-divide, and subdue did not work this time and thank God it seems the American populace is apparently wise to it now.

— Ryan Carrigan


Character matters

As millions watch the signs of how President-elect Donald Trump may govern, questions about his character, once pivotal throughout the campaign, have receded. They shouldn't. His character has left an imprint on our society and culture and will continue to do so.

He has managed moments of better behavior since Nov. 8, but this does not erase the vilifying, narcissism, lying, misogyny and other dishonorable traits that marked his campaign. There's evidence his business practices are sullied by fraud. It's still unknown how fully he will respect constitutional principles and international law or how much he'll flirt with authoritarianism. Some of his early cabinet/staff appointments (e.g., Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions) hardly signal a promising shift.

Even though he traded in nativist fears and ugly prejudices in his campaign, normalizing bigotry and exclusion, in his 60 Minutes interview he voiced puzzlement about the resulting increase in harassment and hate crimes visited on his targets, while insisting he has "no regrets" about his campaign rhetoric. This suggests willful denial of reality and/or remarkable ignorance, but certainly not good character.

Trump is damaging our social contract in ways that could haunt us long-term. The fact of his being elected does not change this, nor absolve him of it, nor free us to ignore it. On the contrary, it makes the issue of his character all the more pressing for citizens who care about America's principles, reputation, and sense of common purpose. Whether he can change for the better is a major test of his post-election character. We can only hope past is not prologue.

— Ken Burrows

Colorado Springs

The winner loses

How do you explain to your children that every truth they've been taught about "the winner wins" is not true. When they open the newspaper and see clearly that Hillary Clinton won the presidential election popular vote and Donald Trump lost, and yet, he ended up as president. They'll say this is nuts. Only older people will accept this kind of ignorance.

"Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton" is a flat-out lie. Read the numbers; Donald Trump didn't win, he lost, and yet this smug pathological liar became president. Donald kept saying the election was rigged and it sure was — in his favor.

I feel sorry for Hillary Clinton and the American people in that the Republicans have again used an archaic Electoral College system to skew the election results in their favor.

— Ron Lowe

Nevada City, California

Story spinners

Make no mistake, the for-profit media are responsible for this, and will not report it as such. They spun every story to keep the race close, keep their ratings and profits up. The millionaires who report news will tell you that nobody tells them what to report, or how to report on it — which is one of those bald-face truths. It is true on the face of it, but is so misleading as to be false. Nobody tells them what to report or how to report it — nobody has to! These people were hired as shills, and promoted to positions of importance as shills, because they know what and how to shill without being told explicitly what to do, because they understand the business.

They didn't press him on his taxes, they didn't corner him on global warming. They never went back and asked, "Were you wrong when you said this? Are you sorry you said that?"

Nobody reported about black Trump-supporters being thrown out of Trump rallies. Meanwhile, they lulled Hillary supporters into a false sense of complacency talking about her electoral lock, and the Big Blue Wall.

Where was the reporting on people, like my sister in Michigan, who was a strong Obama supporter who turned into a Trump-nut.

She has a nice house in the suburbs and fears that all the poor black people in Detroit are going to pull a Nat Turner and come around murdering all of them in their sleep. While she enjoys the advantages of income inequality, she fears the consequences; and she sees Trump as the guy who is gonna protect her from that, and Hillary as the woman who was gonna take away her guns and leave her family at the mercy of the zombies who live on the other side of Eight Mile Road.

— Gina Douglas

Colorado Springs

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