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Cannabis of all kinds — medicinal, recreational and industrial — is still a contentious issue, even here in Rocky Mountain "high" Colorado.

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  • Stu Davis

Stu Davis of the north-central side of town is in advancement.

What are the community benefits of the local cannabis industry? I see the value of it for certain medicinal purposes, though I think the number of conditions it treats are overblown. I see more drawbacks. The Front Range is experiencing an influx of people from a lot of other parts of the country trying to get legal weed, then they get stuck here.

Do you believe schools should allow students to use medical cannabis products on school grounds? Why or why not? No, it's a slippery slope to abuse. There are, I think, 2,000 conditions they say are treatable with medical marijuana. To find this ubiquitous drug that can treat anything? It's not realistic.

What is the future of the cannabis industry? Sooner or later, it will go the way of the cigarette. It's been legalized here and in Washington — there's no closing that door. But let's see what we can do with the revenue. Right now, tax dollars from marijuana are just sitting somewhere. Let's take advantage of why it was passed in the first place.

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  • Polo Shaw

Polo Shaw of the north side is a heavy equipment operator.

How do you feel about the city's limit on residential grows? If people want to grow it, just let them grow it! They're going to get it no matter what, so you might as well.

How do you feel about students using medical cannabis products at school? No, they have enough stuff on their mind to be messing with that. Something for pain? That's fine, but don't smoke it. Don't have a brownie. Not at school. Once you graduate you can do whatever you want.

How do you see the future of the cannabis industry playing out? It's never going to go away, and it's probably going to get bigger. Now we need to maximize, capitalize. Fix potholes or something and don't lock people away because they're growing two too many plants.

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  • Cathryn Kelly

Cathryn Kelly of Pueblo is a dental hygienist.

What are the community benefits of the local cannabis industry? It's bringing in a lot of revenue. I know in Pueblo we've seen a lot of money going to school districts, so that's a good thing.

Should schools allow students to use medical cannabis products? Yes. If it helps them at home, it will help them at school. I think allowing it would help a lot more people than it would hurt.

Where do you think the cannabis industry is headed? I hope it grows and becomes more widely accepted. It's chilling people out a bit, creating more products and creating more jobs.


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