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According to some estimates, the popularity of yoga in the U.S. has increased five times in the last 10 years. Is yoga a great form of exercise, or could it lead to serious injuries? Or both?

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Marc Labovich from the southwest side is a physician

What comes to mind when you think about people who practice yoga? People who are in touch with themselves, and who know their bodies.

Have you heard about anyone being injured while practicing yoga? No, but I guess it could happen. You could injure yourself when you're just standing there. You can injure yourself doing anything. Like any other sport or exercise, you need to work at it until you become proficient.

Do you ever see yourself doing yoga? At this point, no. Just like I never want to play golf. But I guess that could change.

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Marsha Lehrman from the north end is a small-business owner

How do you feel about practicing yoga? It's something I've never done, but I would like to experience it. My friend and I have talked about it, so it might be up-and-coming.

Why does it appeal to you? I think it's good for fitness, and relaxation, and peace and serenity, which we all need.

Have you ever heard about yoga injuries? Yes, when my friend first did yoga, she couldn't move for a couple of days, and she's a runner. So if I did try it, it would have to be a program that would let me choose the options, and go at my own pace.

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Isaiah Martinez from Falcon is a caregiver

What comes to mind when I say "yoga"? I know there's some energy to it, in a spiritual sense, and it's something I'd like to try to be more flexible. I do martial arts, and to be more flexible would be good.

Have you heard that practicing yoga can cause injuries? No, but I guess it could if you're not used to it.

Have you ever been to a yoga studio? No, but it's something I might try in the future.

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Becca Clark from the west side is a program coordinator

Have you ever done any yoga? Yes, I did it steadily for a couple of years. Some kinds of yoga are great; it can be very good for contemplation, and I enjoyed it as a de-stressor. But there were some kinds of yoga I didn't like.

Have you ever heard of injuries caused by yoga? Only if you're not doing it right. You need to push yourself, but there should be no pain. If you feel pain, you shouldn't do it.

What do you do now for exercise? Kickboxing and disc golf.


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