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First-run movie tickets with some buttered popcorn and drinks can run a family of four upward of $60, but many still consider the expenditure worthwhile.

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Sean McCann of Pueblo is a sports psychologist

What's the last film you saw in a theater? The Hunger Games, with my daughter.

Are there any films you're looking forward to this fall? The James Bond movie [Skyfall] and the Lincoln movie [Lincoln].

Are movie theaters too expensive and uncomfortable? Maybe, but I still love going to one to see an exciting new release. You get the big sound and the big picture. You have a sense of doing something special.

What's your all-time favorite holiday movie? It's a horrible cliché, I know, but I always look forward to It's a Wonderful Life this time of year.

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Jessica Beauchamp of Fort Carson is a medical professional

Name the last movie you saw in a theater. The last Twilight [Eclipse], with my son.

Is there a film you're eagerly awaiting? The next Twilight [Breaking Dawn: Part 2]. I'll see that with my son, too.

What's your preferred movie-viewing mode? Netflix. It has a little bit of everything. Besides, I have a big family. Going to a theater really hurts our pocketbook.

Name your all-time favorite holiday movie. I'm not real big on holiday movies.

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Alexius Weston of the west side is a restaurant owner

What's the last movie you saw in a theater? We have a 4½-year-old at home, so it was Wreck-It-Ralph.

Is it better going to a movie theater or watching it at home? Going to theaters and getting buttered popcorn works best for me. At home, I fall asleep on the couch.

What's your all-time favorite movie line? One from Harold and Maude — Ruth Gordon saying something about how you can't let the world judge you too much; everyone has the right to make an ass of themselves.

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Savanna Harden of downtown is a barista

What's the last film you saw in a theater? Cloud Atlas.

Is there an upcoming movie you're looking forward to? Les Miserables. I'm a big fan of the music.

What's your preferred way to watch movies? Illegally, on the Internet.

What's your favorite movie line? "I'd rather be his whore than your wife," in Titanic.


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