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Re: “Gender Blender

This is lengthy. Just to warn you.

Once again, it depends on how you interpret the Bible. I personally believe that God did not want us to be mindless sheep. He wanted us to grow in our faith, explore, debate, that sort of thing.

Secondly, being trans is different from being gay. A sexual orientation is who you are attracted to. A gender identity is if you feel more masculine, feminine, or neither/both inside.

HIV/AIDS stems from unsafe sex. Yes, many LGBT folk have unsafe sex, but so do straight/cisgender people. On top of that, I think it is harder to be in a gay relationship. On top of the usual relationship problems, you also have to deal with hatred and condemnation from society. It adds a lot of strain on monogamous and polyamorous relationships alike. Also, due to homophobia in society, many queer people are afraid to come out, afraid to pursue relationships that they desire. And on top of all this, self-esteem issues are huge. LGBT people are being told that God hates them, that they are going to Hell. They face discrimination, their families rejecting them, that sort of thing. They may turn to sex, either because they feel they aren’t worth very much, or as an attempt to fill an emptiness inside. I firmly believe that if we eliminate the prevalence of homophobia, the STD rates will go down. I also want to point out that the falsity that ‘all queer people have AIDS/HIV� is just that. There are many healthy LGBT folk. On top of that, AIDS/HIV can also be contracted through breast milk, drug needles, and open wounds coming in contact with each other.

The surgery is no more unnecessary than anti-depressants are to a person with clinical depression. It is a method of making us feel more comfortable in our bodies.

I would also like to point out that one religion should not dictate a country, and it should certainly not dictate the life of someone who does not ascribe to said religion. This country was founded based on the ideas of freedom, in particular, freedom of religion. I am a Christian, but I also believe that it would be a dangerous idea to allow Christianity to rule America. The Native Americans called being trans ‘two-spirited’. Being gay, bi, or trans, is a part of their belief system. If we intrude on that, we violate their basic human rights to believe as they wish.

Where is your information that intersexuality is not common? How do you know? And on top of that, why should the parents make the decision at birth? I would recommend reading some testimonies from intersexuals whose parents chose their gender for them at birth. A lot of them aren’t happy. Thank you for addressing this though. Many people simply ignore that part of my argument, and it’s very irritating. I appreciate the attention you gave it.

Nico is male. It takes years to reach self-acceptance, years to realize who we are. To call a person who identifies as male ‘she’ is damaging and hurtful. He is quite handsome, though…

And yes, some people regret it. Which is why, for surgery at least, it is very important to go through therapy with knowledgeable and educated therapists. There are tons of people who don’t regret it – a simple web search with confirm that. Those who regret it usually were not transgender in the first place. But with rampant transphobia lose in our society, it is hard to find accepting and aware therapists. A lot of the time, the therapist is either unaccepting ,and encourages the person to bury their feelings, causing self-esteem issues, a break-down of trust, and a whole lot of pain. Or the therapist, presumably in an attempt to be viewed as open-minded and accepting signs the letter for every person that comes along.

Yes, we are born into sin (in my belief) but that doesn’t mean being trans is a sin. We all do things that are wrong, but I don’t believe transitioning, or being gay/lesbian/bi, is one of them.

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Posted by theloniuscrow on 10/04/2009 at 10:54 PM

Re: “Gender Blender

Well, obviously, they didn’t have hormones available 100 years ago. However, I’m sure that, due to the strict gender rules of society, trans people found ways to live in their respective and appropriate genders, or kept quiet about it. Joan of Arc would probably be considered transgender, or at least gender-queer, a little like Addison.

How can you tell what God’s plan for someone else’s life is? You can’t! That is between them and God (or whichever god/gods they follow, or lack thereof). I am continually discussing my transition with Him, but that is between me and my Lord. Not you, me, and God.

What about men who, through accidents or whatever, lose their penises? They would probably be uncomfortable with their bodies, because they would feel like something is missing. Is that a mental disorder?

Ok, then, as for the God doesn’t create trans people… what about intersexuals? Where do you think they fit in? I am still appalled that you would speak for God. I reiterate, my relationship with His is between me and Him. And why wouldn’t He create someone like that? Did He create people in wheelchairs? Yes. Did He create black people? White people? Yes? All humans are in His image. That has nothing to do with being transgender.

Homosexuality is normal and natural. It is present in nature, therefore, it is natural. And the Bible is open to interpretation. You cannot tell me what I believe. I am confident in what I believe, I am confident in God. But that is personal. On top of all this, one religion should not rule a country. It isn’t working out very well in the Middle East. Why should your religion dictate the laws in Colorado? Why should your religion be used as an excuse to persecute others?

And believe me, God is helping me. He is helping me every day, and I can believe, by His actions, and by His words that He does approve of what I am doing. And in fact, He is helping me get it done. But that's just my belief...

Sorry if none of that made sense. It’s late, the brain isn’t working as well as I would like it too…

Posted by theloniuscrow on 09/30/2009 at 11:28 PM

Re: “Gender Blender

I’ll keep this short.

Yes, God did have a plan for me. I know that. Transitioning is part of His plan for my life. I am a strong Christian, and I pray to God regularly. I do not feel that He disapproves of my transitioning. I find it hard to believe that you could honestly claim to know God’s plan for my life. My relationship with my Lord is between me and Him, and no one else.

Again, it is not a mental illness. It is a biological, genetic problem. As Surat said, why can’t nature put a man’s brain in a woman’s body, or vice versa?

Posted by theloniuscrow on 09/29/2009 at 6:16 PM

Re: “Gender Blender

To quote Transamerica, does it not strike anyone as strange that physical corrections (hormones, surgery, etc.) can correct a mental disorder? Being transgender is not a mental illness. It has to do with a child being bathed with the hormones of the opposite gender while in the womb (at least, that’s the popular theory right now).

It has nothing to do with penis obsession. If your penis was to be cut off, or your breast were to be removed, wouldn’t you feel that something is missing? That is exactly how we feel. Something is physically missing from our bodies. And no, ‘cutting off your penis’ does not make someone a woman. What makes someone a woman (or a man) is how the feel inside, the role they desire to possess in society.

Where are these statistics that say most ‘gay/trans people come from single homes’? Most of the people I know where raised in two parents homes, and the trouble they had with those parents were typical of teenage rebellion.

I am incredibly insulted that you are comparing children and the movement to make them more comfortable in their bodies to a pedophile organization. I know when I was a child that I was supposed to be a boy. Had I been allowed to transition, my life would have gone a lot easier. Because I was forced to remain in the closet, my self-esteem took a huge toll, I became depressed, and I was bullied and harassed at school. I also don’t see how this is ‘making money off people’.

As for Nico not being treated well at school, I’ve read the comment that said because you were told by other kids that he wasn’t bullied, it’s impossible that he wasn’t bullied? What? Granted, I cannot speak for Nico since I have yet to meet him, and I know from my own experience that his whole story hasn’t been told in this article. First of all, no bully is going to admit, “Oh, yeah. I had that kid. Shove him in a trash can every time I see ‘im.” No. They will lie, they will cover-up the fact that they were bullying him.

Even if he wasn’t ‘bullied’ by what I’m perceiving to be your definition, he was bullied every time someone refused to respect his name. Or pronoun. Using his old name was a way of tearing him down, putting him ‘in his place’. It was a way of saying, “You’re not really a guy, your extremely hard, difficult, brave choice means nothing, go back in the closet, you freak.” That’s bullying. Being called the wrong pronoun and name every day is tiresome. It takes a toll on self-esteem and self-worth. It destroys trust. This is a huge issue, and not many people realize it.

And saying that he was a danger to the other students for hiding under the table? That is discrimination. It may be hidden, but I don’t think that going under a table is ‘threatening’ anyone. So I’m confused on the ‘if the school had let [him] stay and hurt someone, they could be sued’ comment. From what I’ve read, do you really think there was a threat there? He went under a table. That’s nothing near a threat. Or are you implying that is ‘trans-ness’ would somehow infect the other students? Believe me, we’re not contagious.

Last thing I want to say. Let’s all forget the cheerleading incident for a moment, and focus on the fact that school got so bad, that, once again, Nico had a minor mental breakdown, and the school said he was insane. He was discriminated against. Very basically, he was not allowed to have his chosen name on his assignments. If James Smith had turned in his paper as Jimmy Smith, I doubt there would be a ruckus. But the minute Nico turns in his paper as Nico, oh no, can’t have that. Not respecting his name or pronoun was also discriminatory. It probably took a huge bite out of his self-worth. If a teacher came to school one day, and said, “I’m just gonna refer to everyone as ‘she’ now,” do you think anybody would be ok with that? No.

Nico should have been allowed to use his chosen name, and his pronoun should have been respected. A slip-up every now and then is fine, but to continually tell someone they are something that they are not…? Didn’t we learn in kindergarten to ‘be ourselves’? THIS is who Nico is. And it is important to, at the very basic level, respect him as a human being, which would consist of respecting his name and pronoun.

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Posted by theloniuscrow on 09/27/2009 at 4:40 PM

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