This Is Only a Test 

But the pay-off is in the prizes

It's been a good year for local theater, and if you've taken in a few shows (or at least read a few reviews), now's your chance to make it pay. Take this test of your dramatic intelligence by matching the quotations from local productions with the photos from the shows. Winning submissions can pick up tickets to Springs-area performances offered by Academy Concerts at Arnold Hall Theater, Chaos TheatreArts, Colorado Actors' Theater, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Repertory Theatre Company, Encore! Dinner Theater, Pikes Peak Community College Masquers, Pikes Peak Youth Theatre, Springs Community Theater, Star Bar Players, TheatreWorks, and Upstart Performing Ensemble.

1. "All that I have to say is to tell you that the lantern is the moon; I, the man in the moon; this thorn-bush, my thorn-bush; and this dog, my dog." Does anyone remember another local production of this play ten years ago with a set consisting of a full ton of peat in the basement studio theater in Armstrong Hall? Or did I dream that?

2. "Be wise, compromise... You don't have to bow your head, just stoop a little." Returning this classic to the stage brought back some of the anti-fascist bite lost on the big screen.

3. "He hid too good." Turning this best-selling book into a stage play is a little like turning playground games into New Age philosophy. Depending on your pespective, that can be very, very good or a little bit scary.

4. "I'm bisexual. I've had sex twice." The second-longest running show of the year offered characters plenty of chances to clear their good names, while giving audiences the chance to lock 'em away for good. Or at least until the curtain went up again Saturday night.

5. "I'm dreaming of a White Right Christmas." This operatic adaptation spanned a year in the lofts of Alphabet City, from candlelight to White Right Christmas, navigating the pitfalls of modern love, where "there are always going to be women in rubber flirting with me."

6. "I should like to cut off your head with a meat ax." Speaking of love stories, it was the whispered sweat nothings like this line that made a love trapezoid out of an otherwise awkward double honeymoon.

7. "It is the mind's most perfect expression." Drama, that is. And after trying this world premiere out on the fringes of Frisco, the theatrical experiment was perfectly ready for a Springs homecoming.

8. "It may be cold outside, but it's warm in here." A welcome revival that was a simultaneous hit back on Broadway, this steamy staging reinforced the timelessness of intolerance.

9. "Madam, you have done me wrong. Notorious wrong." This romantic comedy had the fashion police cracking down on a lecherous old man flaunting his yellow socks in an attempt to turn on the lady of his dreams.

10. "People who make smart-guy wisecracks like that don't usually eat in dining rooms." This anthropological drama studied the rituals of dying or extinct cultures.

11. "For God's sake, John, sit down!" Among other historical treasures, this play chronicled the legendary love letters with the promise of salt peter and pins between two exemplary American epistolaries.

12. "Think of the fortune made by the guy that invented the first piece of chewing gum. Amazing, huh?" Deep thoughts. If you want to get ahead in life, and you've outgrown the attraction of opium dens, then you need to leave plenty of room in your brain for such mastication speculation.

Send your entries via e-mail to owen@csindy.com or by phone to 386-6818. Include your name and phone number, the number of the quotation, the letter of the photo, and, for extra credit and tiebreakers, the name of the show and the company producing it. All entries must be received by 5 p.m., Friday, January 5. There's room for eleven winners, and you don't need to be perfect to win, so don't dilly-dally.


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