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Many people look back on their college experience as the most interesting, passionate, scary, exciting and growth-inducing time of their life.

click to enlarge Roy Chandler
  • Roy Chandler

Roy Chandler of Ivywild is a cook.

Where did you go to college? Salisbury University, on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Was socializing or studying your freshman priority? Socializing. You're meeting new people, making new friends, and there's so much going on to get involved in.

Given soaring student debt and tuition costs, is the traditional four-year college still the best bet for future professionals? Online courses and degrees have their place, but the classroom has interaction between professors and students.

Late night, no money: What was your go-to dorm snack? Ramen noodles, baby!

What was the general campus attitude toward cannabis? Use was widespread when I was there in the early-to-mid '70s. It was a staple of campus life.

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  • Alex Dillon

Alex Dillon of Belgrade, Montana, is a line cook at a Mexican restaurant.

What's your alma mater? Montana State University in Bozeman.

Did socializing or studying win out your first year? I began a new life in college. I made new friends. My parents were five hours away,so they couldn't just show up. I took advantage of that to meet people, socialize, not stay in my dorm all the time.

Is the traditional four-year college still best for aspiring professionals? If you need a degree in engineering or computer science, yes. If you're going into a trade or you don't know what you want to do, community college is the way to go.

What was the prevailing campus attitude toward marijuana? Montana statewide is pretty marijuana friendly, but the college, being under federal law, was really strict. I got in trouble with it my second week there, and they were not cool about it.

click to enlarge Jason Chao
  • Jason Chao

Jason Chao of near Downtown is a financial advisor.

Where did you go to college? Southern Oregon University.

Were you more a studier or a socializer your first year? A socializer at first, but I learned real quick that's not gonna work. An important part of college, though, is the human experience of getting out of your norm to interact with different types of people.

What, in hindsight, would you do differently if you did college over? Take more science and math. Many students, like me, took lots of liberal arts classes because they were easier and more fun.

Late night, no money: What was your go-to dorm snack? Totino's pizzas. They were only 99 cents.


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