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Re: “Cracks in the code

A Grad,

Since you know who I am why don't you do a little research on my background and tell me if I don't know what it means to put your ass on the line. The fighter pilot attitude is warrior's ethos that is no way restricted to the military and is actually carried out on daily basis, not just a time of war, by those who serve in law enforcement and emergency services professions. Once again I suggest you use that brain you were supposed to develope at the Academy and refresh your memory on what it means to be mentored. Anytime you want to compare notes in person on walking the walk you just let me know.

Michael Simler

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Posted by thuddriverson on 04/15/2012 at 5:45 PM

Re: “Cracks in the code


You got it wrong, I am a booster of anything that has a positive impact on the mission of the USAFA. You are 100% correct in your comment that my personal impact and contributions to the mission of the USAFA are inconsequential. You are clueless concerning my friendship with the Superintendent. I am fortunate enough to know the General and his wife, because of the obvious long standing relationship my family has had with the Academy. I have enjoyed every single opportunity to meet with them in very public social gatherings. Oh wait a minute I have to give it all up because you've really got me feeling I need to spill the beans. There was one time I met with the General in an intimate setting while carry out my dastardly "booster" activities. I brought him together with my close friend who is a New York City Fire Fighter who lost both his brothers, also members of the FDNY, on 9/11. Just so we are clear that was a follow up to the evil efforts on my part to work with the Academy to bring that incredible American and a member of the NYPD to represent their departments and NYC for the 9/11/10 BYU football game. Man you got me good on that one!

While I'd be honored to have the level of friendship you claim I enjoy with the General it is purely your desire to stir the pot that places me in a position where he and I are sitting around the kitchen table having a beer and talking about the good old days. Hey if you can put in a good word with the General since you seem to have the inside skinny on him I'd appreciate it.

Now I know you consider yourself to be a super sleuth detective on all the dirt up on the Hill and if that is the case why don't you take all that evidence you say is piled up to the investigative reporter who wrote this article who actually knows what the hell she is doing and you can lay claim to saving the Academy from the evil clutches of all those you have accused of high crimes. That being said I don't think you have to be Sherlock Holmes to know that the Academy has had to deal with personnel who have failed to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the level of integrity that they have to maintain in their professional and personal lives in order to carry out the mission of the institution. Now if you want to become an investigative reporter I suggest you get off your retired ass and present some evidence instead of sensationalized innuendo that you have absolutely no direct knowledge of. Now be careful there budding investigative reporter before you start spouting off you have direct knowledge of the acts you claim to have so much evidence on, because your failure to act and bring them to the attention of the proper authorities means you are culpable as well.

Stick to enjoying your retirement, because your investigative skills are pathetic at best and professionals in that line of work put their name to what they produce and are willing to testify to it while facing those they have accused.

Michael Simler

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Posted by thuddriverson on 04/15/2012 at 5:33 PM

Re: “Cracks in the code


Show me some proof that the accusation is factual and I'll give it the consideration it deserves. I'd venture to say that you'd be more than a little upset if someone anonymously accused you or a family member of committing an egregiousness act of misconduct without proof positive that the act(s) occurred.


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Posted by thuddriverson on 04/15/2012 at 2:16 PM

Re: “Cracks in the code

Another Grad,

"The fighter pilot fixation is silly" sums up a hell of a lot of what is wrong with the Air Force right now; a whole lot of that fighter pilot attitude is desperately needed and a lot less of what you're offering up. Before you start your" I am grad hear me roar" because I spent four or five years at the Zoo BS, I'll cut you off and point out that you clearly don't need to be an AFA grad or wear an ugly blue suit to see the lack of that fight pilot attitude has had a negative impact on esprit de corps on the Hill and in throughout the Air Force. I'd venture to say you might gain some perspective on this issue by refreshing your giant grad brain on the fundamental concepts of esprit de corps.

Grad the foundation of the fighter pilot attitude is esprit de corps and it gives you the internal fortitude to take ownership of your actions especially when you are putting your ass on the line in doing so. The character you were supposed to have developed during your time on the Hill demands you do so. Given your alleged grad status Grad, since we don't have your name we cannot verify, you might remember that attitude has historical significance in the founding, development and protection of this nation, but maybe you consider that another silly fixation on an antiquated characteristic on my part as well.

No doubt you're getting ready to make the predictable move of challenging me on whether or not I've ever done the same in my profession and my response is I sure have. Since you actually have my name you can check on the veracity of my claims. Hell I'll even buy you a drink and we can talk about it face to face; oh sorry I forgot that the whole idea of actually looking someone in the eye and supporting your position is abhorrent to your sensitive nature so I'll withdraw the offer.

Time for you to pull up your big boy or big girl undies Grad and get beyond that so super scary thought of you actually putting into use this character thing you claim to know so much about and placing your name on the critical review and accusations you've made. Unless you can do that you really need to stop your friggin whimpering and find a cause that you can champion out in the open without fear of putting yourself in harms way.

Moving on to"True Grit"; you need a couple of shots of Jeremiah Weed and a good dose of listening to Dos Gringos to gain a better understanding of why I truly enjoy the notion of you thinking I am "creepy"! I am confident you'll find both distasteful and that just makes my day.

Good luck to all of you involved in the anonymous author letter campaign to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force; I am sure your accusations and proclamations will be given the utmost consideration.

Fixated on and Wanna Be an Old Fighter Pilot signing off!

Michael Simler

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Posted by thuddriverson on 04/15/2012 at 2:07 PM

Re: “Cracks in the code


You exhibit the same bravado that True Grit and anyone else here that doesn't have the metal to put their name where their mouth is; that is one of those lessons learned from people who have put their ass on the line for what they believe. In fact that is why I actually have a modicum of respect for Mr. Weinstein (Ask him if he remembers me welcoming him to my tailgate at the first Armed Force Bowl in Fort Worth and making it clear he was my guest).

Unlike you he put his name on his position and owns it; that takes courage which you have shown none of in presenting your "insider" view. It isn't surprising to me that you consider my comments "creepy", it simply indicates to me the likelihood of you having any interaction with the type of warriors (men and women) I grew up around and work with is slim and none.

You just might want to reread my comments on this issue; they actually support in many ways the gist of what this research is saying. I simply think all the facts need to be presented before the likes of you and your kind start bellowing about how awful the leadership at the Academy is. Leadership is executed in the open, not hiding under the cover of being an insider without proof of having that position. I actually look forward to the publication of all the material the research produced and I'll form my final opinion after considering its value.

Cut the cord with Big George, nope I think not, he had a pretty good outlook on how to lead and care for those in his charge, raise a family and serve his nation. As I said previously this dig is something every single sibling in my family has heard more than once and we understand the abilities of the simpletons who spew it are limited so we address it accordingly.

Michael Simler

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Posted by thuddriverson on 04/14/2012 at 11:29 AM

Re: “Cracks in the code

True Grit,

Boy that cuts me deep to the core, "The General's son get your own life" is a classic defense for someone who cannot defend an argument they are trying to present. My only background in what it means to be a fighter pilot is having been raised/mentored by them my entire life; event to this day at the ripe old age of 52. Here is what I can tell you with the utmost confidence; you'd feel very uncomfortable trying to present your nonsensical argument on this issue to them. As a matter of fact their response would be direct and sweet and would might even be laced with some good old fashioned fighter pilot profanity.

Here is what I propose True Grit, you and I meet up at the Academy and we can debate this matter in an open forum; of course you have to actually show you have any grit in your system by no longer hiding your true identity under the cowards cloak of board nickname.

Michael Simler

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Posted by thuddriverson on 04/13/2012 at 4:59 PM

Re: “Cracks in the code

True Grit,

I doubt you'll understand this quote but I'll throw it out there for those who understand what it means to have a fighter pilot's arrogant attitude:

What is a Fighter Pilot?

A fighter pilot is noted for intelligence, independence, integrity, courage, and patriotism. "Fighter Pilot" is a state of mind, not a job title. Therefore, not all people who fly fighters are fighter pilots, nor do all fighter pilots fly fighters, some of them drive trucks.

It is OK to be one of the sheep "True Grit" because those arrogant guard dogs will continue to watch over you no matter how naive you are.

Michael Simler

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Posted by thuddriverson on 04/13/2012 at 3:22 PM

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