Will Rush change his tone? 

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With all due sensitivity to what Rush Limbaugh must be going through, as a result of his recent health problems, I wonder if the tone of his radio show will change for the better, or, will he use his energy to divide the country even more than he already has?

A projection on my part, perhaps, as having lead an imperfect life for 75 years, I visualize those in similar circumstances as Rush Limbaugh, suddenly softening inside in preparation for what the possible medical diagnosis might be.

I also wonder at what point in our lives do we let go of the malignant side of the ego and create space for the benign one. Not only that, but, wouldn’t that moment make us spiritually alive and well, regardless of the duration of life on this earth we may have left?

As powerful in influencing the masses as the Rush Limbaughs of the world have been, under beneficial circumstances to themselves, can they ever become vulnerable enough to feel the pain they have caused in others, once they face their own mortality? Or, are they so deluded believing that what they have done, in the name of patriotism, makes them exempt from being virtuous individuals?

Marcela Gaumer

Colorado Springs



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