Tropical Sunset can help ease your worried mind 

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I woke up this morning wracked by terror and vertigo. It’s happened a few times before. Sometimes it follows too many edibles the day before, but it’s not because of the edibles. There is always some larger sense of existential dread waiting right there to overwhelm me. In this case, I’m about to leave my home for a monthlong reporting assignment that will likely bring me face-to-face with some ugly things. It was a classic panic attack, which is the kind of thing I got a weed prescription for, so, you know, there is a certain remedy/poison dichotomy as with all drugs, because it did feel like that moment when you take a hit and suddenly realize that it’s too much, only amplified, mixed with a physical sense of falling. Yes, falling, like through the air. And that’s what I woke up to. So, I took this review slow, not wanting to kick off the terror and the dread again just after they had abandoned me.

Tropical Sunset, though, sounded just like the kind of strain I needed. A cross between Sunset Sherbert and Purple Punch, it’s got one of these real tangled genetic profiles, with each of those being the combo of other powerful strains — it’s the Jared and Ivanka of strains, but good. Tropical Sunset is a hybrid but it is decidedly Sativa-leaning with a high — nearly 30 percent — THC content.

It’s a loud strain, strong smelling, but with a rather indistinct, generic weed odor until you break it open and nearly shove it up your nose looking for finer notes. There, you hit something pungent like the heavy hops odor of an IPA left out all night mixed with the too-much-testosterone smell of a locker room.
In contrast to the heavy odor, the flowers are bright and vibrant green, light feeling. The high, too, is mercifully light. I took three (maybe four) hits off a pipe my first foray. It creeps up with the subtleness of a good cup of coffee in the morning, both bracing and warming you, yet without giving you any noticeable drug effect. Then, bit by bit, it sneaks up on you until you realize you feel distinctly better than you did before. The high rides out solid like that without any sharp veer upward or stiff downward fall. And most of all, it has a very low-level of existential dread.

If you have read this column, you have recognized that category in our “breakdown” section. It is there because it is one of the things the smoker, no matter how experienced, must be most careful of. It is what undoes us in life and when it comes to weed. And I am happy to report that, not only did Tropical Sunset not induce a new bout of existential dread, it also helped ease my worried mind, like dipping it into a warm bath to soak and rejuvenate. It is not one of my all-time favorites and probably will not become a go-to on the regular rotation, but I will keep a little around as a salve against my own self.

Strength: 7
Nose: An IPA left open in a locker room all night
Euphoria: 7
Existential Dread: 1
Freaking Out When A Crazy Person Approaches You: 2
Drink Pairing: An IPA not left out in a locker room all night
Music Pairing: “Cortez Sail” by Terry Allen
Rating: 8


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