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Believe him or not?

Suppose you are diagnosed with cancer. You go to the hospital for surgery.

Next morning, a flashy, corpulent man in a business suit walks into your room. "I'm your surgeon," he says. "This is my first time. I never went to medical school or worked in a hospital. But I'll be great, you can believe that. I've had success in business and that expertise should transfer easily to the operating room, which ought to be run more like a business anyway. If I don't know where to start cutting, I'll guess. I'm a super guesser."

He struts and swaggers back and forth at the foot of your bed. "You'll probably hear about some woman doctor here who has done more operations than anybody. But she's had some people die — mostly old coots and codgers. I myself have never had anyone die — it's my first day."

He straightens his neon-yellow tie. "That lady doctor's husband had sex with an intern, too. The lady doc's the victim here, but I blame her." More swaggering and strutting. "I myself have never had sex with an intern here. It's my first day."

He looks out the window.

"OK, that lady doc has performed hundreds of surgeries for 25 years here and is the most experienced one of them all, but take it from me, I'll make you great again. Really great. Better than ever. Trust me!"

A question for all of us: Whose fingers do you want on that scalpel?

— Larimore Nicholl

Colorado Springs

Broader idea

Adopting a "top two" primary system may be a start ("Solving Colorado's primary apathy," Between the Lines, June 22). But looking at the Sen. Barbara Boxer successor situation you cite, it would probably serve to cement each party's hold on existing territory.

Expanding to either a top three or top four system, or one in which anyone who crosses a threshold (say 15 percent) makes the November ballot, would at the very least stop disenfranchising a huge swath of voters across the state who choose to live in an area where the other guys' big party dominates. It would also allow smaller parties (Libertarians, Greens, etc.) to still make their case to voters.

— Tim Wood

Colorado Springs

Fix the problem

I fully support your desire to change our broken primary system here in Colorado. It is partially responsible for the increasing polarization and paralysis we see in our government.

A way to begin to fix our broken government and broken electoral process: youtu.be/KKLbxwj-R2g

— Stephen H. Shogan



Thanks to Pam Zubeck for your efforts to bring light to this injustice and misuse of public resources ("Out of bounds," News, June 29).

I'm glad Mike Northern has the courage and resources to fight City Hall.

I hope Colorado Springs city government and Dal Lockwood are called to account for their actions; I will be glad if they pay a price they won't soon forget.

It doesn't seem that GIMMIE Golf is an innocent party. With your information on their past performance, I would not be contracting with them in the future.

— Bruce Hanson

Colorado Springs

Making connections

1) Kathleen Krager, the city senior traffic engineer, says the Centennial Boulevard extension "is expected to carry 17,000 vehicles a day, roughly the volume of traffic on North Nevada Avenue south of Fillmore." This extension will be four lanes plus bicycle lanes. Yet, Krager has proposed putting North Nevada on a diet reducing it from four lanes to two lanes plus bicycle lanes and buses. Is she telling us that there will be no traffic congestion on either road?

2) Aaron Egbert, Public Works Department, says, "We have a geotechnical engineer on board." A question: Are you going to listen to him and kill the project if it proves too costly or is not feasible? Will you ask other geotechnical engineers outside the city to check your geotechnical engineer to make sure he's not telling you, the planning commission and City Council what they want to hear?

3) Egbert says, "There are some known landslides adjacent to the roadway but not where the roadway is." Isn't that like being a little bit pregnant?

4. "...Property adjacent to the Centennial extension could be developed." Will the city make the owners whole if their structures begin to slide? Will the city require the property owners to provide a geological survey before building commences? Will the planning commission turn down the development of the properties because of known unstable ground?

5) Let's go for a 20-year warranty on this road. Citizens are tired of potholes.

— Gary Casimir

Colorado Springs

Clear priorities

One Colorado College student injured by a car on Cascade.

Solution: Make Cascade one lane.

Four ordinary citizens killed on Nevada Avenue.

Solution: Add buses every 15 minutes to already heavy neighborhood traffic.

Thanks, Colorado Springs, for making your value system visible!

— Ella Martin

Colorado Springs

Lamborn letter

To Rep. Doug Lamborn: As a forgotten constituent and disenfranchised agnostic, I am embarrassed, offended and utterly disgusted. During a time of congressional impotence and ineffectiveness, you dare to propose an obscene resolution asking for a "National Day of Personal Reflection and Repentance."

Nearly 23 percent of Americans have no religious affiliation, atheists and agnostics make up 7-plus percent, and you push a resolution in direct defiance of the Separation of Church and State mandate of the United States? You have ignored many previous letters and emails, save the standard rote acknowledgement of my correspondence. You have been a disaster as a congressman, and now this.

National attention is on common-sense gun regulation (not an infringement on the Second Amendment) such as "No Fly, No Buy" and comprehensive background checks. Though 80 percent of Americans want such legislation, you do nothing. Prayers go to nine dead in a church, 23 dead in a restaurant, 26 dead in an elementary school, now 49 dead in a nightclub. How have things gotten better? What's Einstein's quote: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?"

Prayers offer nothing but individual solace to those praying. If you need to make yourself feel better, by all means pray. Pray to your god. Pray in private. Pray for your own reasons. Do NOT ask your constituents to pray for you. Remember, we ask of you! You do NOT ask of us! You represent us; we do not reflect your personal desires.

With all due respect to your position and office, you genuinely disappoint. I do my utmost to respect all people and their beliefs. You are a disgrace to your office, this state and this city.

— Steve Mabon

Colorado Springs

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