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Re: “Letters

Addy Hansen (aka Mrs. Newsome): Mr. Newsome is also a coward. He did not even hold a campaign party for his supporters, but instead hid away in his little cubby hole (or should I say mansion) instead. I think that this is a first in campaign history -- for a candidate to put his own embarrassment over the efforts of those who walked precincts for him, for those who gave up their valuable time to help him, for those who donated to him, etc. How cowardly!! How unappreciative!! Then he immediately took down his website. Jeff Crank showed more character than John Newsome by leaving his website up and thanking those who had helped him and also congratulating his opponent. When the scepter was passed from Jeanne Smith to John Newsome in 2005, Dan May (though he had lost) stood in the audience with his head held high. He was not a coward. It will be a shock if John Newsome even shows up at the inauguration to pass on the scepter to Dan May.

Posted by TruthPlease on 08/27/2008 at 10:12 AM

Re: “Letters

Mr. Newsome appears to have thought that because he had the support of the Sheriff, he was invincible. I still do not understand why our Sheriff, who loyalties are supposed to lie with the community that elected him, threw his support so strongly for one who broke the law. But then again, Sheriff Maketa stated that they (he and Newsome) made a great team. Is anyone going to investigate Maketa for using public funds for his thousands of robo-calls that he sent out urging us to re-elect Newsome. Wasn't this a misuse of public funds? Anyone have suggestions for someone who could run against Maketa in the next Sheriff election? We have enough time for a good and successful grassroots effort.

Posted by TruthPlease on 08/22/2008 at 4:33 PM

Re: “Fourth Judicial District Attorney

I would question self-serving lists from any political website. These are things that candidates write about themselves, and they are more indicative of what that candidate thinks of him/herself than of that what the public may think. It is their way to advertise to the public: Look at how great I think I am. What a voter does not get from these lists is the other side. That is why it is so important to ask questions and find out about what really matters. How fair are they? Have they compromised their office in any way? Does law enforcement get preferential treatment when it comes to carrying out justice? Are the elite of the community treated with a different standard than the lowly? Do they demonstrate a double-standard in their own everyday actions? Do they hold themselves above the law? What about truthfulness? How do they act when they are under public scrutiny? Do they threaten to sue truth-seekers in an attempt to intimidate them to withhold the truth from the public? What tactics do they use to force a plea? Emotional blackmail as in the case of RM, who was forced into a plea so that her family pet would not be euthanized? Or promise that if someone passes a polygraph, they will dismiss the charges only to renege on those promises when they pass and then add additional charges? Or what about the tactic to add so many charges so that when a defendant goes to trial, that a jury could only assume that they must be guilty of something with all those charges against them? These are things people can find out about just by asking questions and reading the blogs. Like we are all told just to take for a grain of salt what the press states about a candidate, we also need to take for a grain of salt what they advertise about themselves. We can believe those claims only after we ask questions and seek out the truth. Again go with your gut. Do you feel any red flags? If so, continue to ask questions and investigate until you have the information you need to quell those red flags.

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Posted by TruthPlease on 08/01/2008 at 8:29 PM

Re: “Fourth Judicial District Attorney

To pistolpackingmama: Just an addendum... I just looked at the endorsees again for both candidates, and there has been an important switcheroo. In the last election, former El Paso Sheriff John Anderson endorsed John Newsome (John Anderson was the Sheriff here before Terry Maketa became Sheriff); in this election, he is endorsing Dan May. This is significant, especially since Newsome claims that he has the overwhelming support of law enforcement. I wonder why Sheriff Anderson has changed his position for this election. What might he know that has caused him to change his endorsement for this election? It's questions like these I would keep asking. Both candidates appear to have some baggage. And there is always the option that you have of not voting for either candidate if you are at all confused about whom you should support. I would ask questions about what impact either has had on our community as a whole? Has our community been torn apart with this? If so, why? What individual actions have hurt either candidate? Have they owned up to their mistakes? Or are they still complaining that it is just political smear? And then listen with your heart... and go with your gut.

Posted by TruthPlease on 08/01/2008 at 3:47 PM

Re: “Fourth Judicial District Attorney

To pistolpackingmama re which candidate to vote for. You are to be commended for doing your homework on both candidates. I would look at the endorsees on both sides and question why those persons have endorsed one candidate over another. What bothers me about Newsome, is the Maketa-Newsome stranglehold that they appear to have on our county. Maketa is Newsome's Campaign Chairman. Under Newsome, no law enforcement person who has violated a law has been brought to justice.... whether they were caught for padding their ticket-writing stats or worse. I would question about what the Maketa-Newsome relationship is all about. You stated that you helped to gather signatures for Dan May, and you need to be commended on your courage for helping to give us voters a choice. And since you did gather signatures, you need to know that Maketa's wife went down to the Secretary of State's Office to get copies of all those petitions. I would ask why the Sheriff would want a copy of those petitions and why he is so interested in knowing who the gatherers were. What would be the Sheriff's interest in those names? My gut has told me over and over that this campaign goes deeper than just a race between two persons running for DA. Thank you for asking the public for help in a decision. I am anxiously looking forward to responses to your email, because that is basically where I am at, too.

Posted by TruthPlease on 08/01/2008 at 2:57 PM

Re: “The heat is on ... Newsome

So the media has focused on beer and football? The media was so wrong here. They should have done nothing and let another drunk driver have an opportunity to cause an accident, culminating in boku dollars of liability for this County; or even worse, to possibly injure or kill another. How shameful of the press to step into this matter. Their coverage just might have saved some lives.

Posted by TruthPlease on 08/01/2008 at 11:57 AM

Re: “Time for dirty tricks or not

Re Fact-checking: Assistant DAs may have received merit raises. However, funds allocated by the Commissioners to increase an entry-level assistant DA salary were used used elsewhere in the DA office. I wonder what the money was used for.

Posted by TruthPlease on 08/01/2008 at 11:25 AM

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