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Ride share businesses like Uber and Lyft have worked their way into daily life. Will traditional public transportation options ever be able to keep up?

click to enlarge Sydney McGuire
  • Sydney McGuire

Sydney McGuire of Atlanta is a flight attendant.

Have you used Uber or Lyft? What is the appeal? I've used Uber, not Lyft. The flexibility of not having to rent a car for a shorter time period is what I like about it. It keeps you from being stranded.

Why do you prefer Uber to a bus or a taxi? It's easier to use when you're in a town you're not familiar with. In Europe, I always use trains. I'm familiar with it, I know the system. But here, I wouldn't have any idea where to start figuring out how to get on the right bus. And I've always found the drivers to be super friendly. They help you out, too, tell you of different places to go to dinner and places to visit.

You've never been nervous about who is going to pick you up? No, I haven't. Maybe that's naïve of me. One time I took a 45-minute drive from the Charlotte airport to my son's college, and the driver was the most fascinating man — a 70-year-old track runner. He was showing me videos of his last competition, and I was like — "Focus on the road!"

click to enlarge Lee Oats
  • Lee Oats

Lee Oats of north Colorado Springs is starting a small business.

Have you ever used Uber or Lyft? What did you think of it? They're fine, it works. I have friends who are drivers for Uber, actually. Uber is just more convenient.

Do you have any interesting stories about using Uber? You just get into good conversations with people.

What do Uber and Lyft say about the future of transportation? You see on the news and stuff where they're working on trying to make it all automated and stuff. I think it should be expanding, but it could also take away jobs from people who are driving for them now.

click to enlarge Billie Jean Garcia
  • Billie Jean Garcia

Billie Jean Garcia of downtown is an insurance agent.

Have you ever tried Uber or Lyft? I've tried Uber. It was really fast. They were like right around the corner, so we didn't have to wait long. We were going to a concert up in Denver and didn't want to drive.

Why do you prefer Uber to taxis? Taxis here take 20 to 30 minutes, and with Uber, it's almost always no more than 20 bucks. I've never paid over that.

What does Uber and Lyft say about the future of transportation? I think it's just going to get better and better. Probably going to get more personal, too. Or, we're going to have less drivers and more automated cars to come pick us up.

Do you have any interesting stories about using Uber? I don't personally, but I know my friend threw up in an Uber once.

Did she tip extra? I hope so.


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