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The military has played a huge role in Colorado Springs for over a half-century. That's meant different things to different people.

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Abram Moore of Palmer Lake is a massage therapist and entrepreneur

Did you ever consider enlisting? When I attended Eagleview Middle School, they pushed me to go to the Air Force Academy to become a pilot, and I've had family and friends who were military. I rejected it, though, because of all the restrictions it would mean.

Do you ever see military planes or helicopters in the area? I live pretty close to the Academy, so yeah. I think that's kind of cool, though. I'm sure glad they're on our side.

Is Colorado Springs basically a military town? My job is in Broomfield. Everyone there views the Springs that way.

On balance, is the military presence a positive or a negative? Retired military brass make up a good part of our sales. The only negative I can think of is how military guys used to tear around town in crotch-rocket gangs a few years back.

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Lee Council of the Monument area works for Deluxe Corporation

Have you ever considered enlisting? I tried to join the Marines, but they rejected me because of flat feet.

Is Colorado Springs a military town? The military is everywhere: the Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Peterson and Schriever Air Force bases. And isn't NORAD still here?

Is it mostly a positive or negative presence? It's positive in that they protect our country. On the downside, a lot of military guys go into the clubs who want to act big and bad.

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Scarlett Hoxie of Monument works at USAA

Do you have any interactions with the military? I have a son and son-in-law in the military.

Did you ever consider going that route yourself? I'm an old hippie. We didn't believe in the military, if you know what I'm saying. I taught my children that, too, but they still ended up in it. I'm not anti-military as such. It's just not for me.

Do you see many military planes or helicopters in the area? We live directly across from the Air Force Academy ... so we see and hear them all the time. It doesn't bother me, though.

Is Colorado Springs a military town? Heavily so. The bars and clubs are crawling with military guys. You see "military discounts" everywhere you go.

Is that presence basically positive or negative? We need the military for protection, though I may be brainwashed into thinking that. On the down side, it makes us the first target for terrorism after D.C.


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