Uproar over the Broadmoor 

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Neighborhood identity

I do not understand why the Broadmoor is asking and you are even considering to allow them to build an event center in the middle of a residential area? It is very clear to me that such a NEW LARGE commercial enterprise would change the very fabric of any neighborhood, and not for the better. Busses and traffic for such unregulated events would be a nightmare. I can not even fathom 2,000 people trying to get into my neighborhood, let alone 18,000.

I truly believe that this enterprise has a place in our city, like downtown, but come on, not in a residential neighborhood. The city council is considering ADU regulations that will be restrictive to size and scope (as they should) but the Broadmoor should not get a free pass to do whatever they want.

Send this back to planning and have them come up with a better idea, with less impact on neighbors.

— Suzanne Burkle
  • Pam Zubeck

Peace and tranquility

If I could get out of work I would stand AGAINST this newest Broadmoor expansion. Please accept this email as my voice saying NO to this and to any new developments by the Broadmoor that impact the peace and tranquility that the surrounding neighbors deserve and that the natural habitats rely on in this precious area.

Go back to the drawing board

Dear City Council,

I am writing about the convention and events center proposed by the Broadmoor. I am in favor of a convention center - located DOWNTOWN.

Such a location would be a gathering place for Colorado Springs residents and visitors of all socioeconomic classes, not just very wealthy people - a hub of activity and a place of employment in a central location benefitting all our citizens. It would be proximate to the interstate and easily accessible for those who would come to the city for events. There is land available for development near the Olympic museum. Currently much of this area is blighted and in decline. Let’s revitalize it with this convention center.

Please do not approve the Broadmoor’s proposed plan. Ask the Broadmoor to go back to the drawing board and work with the city on a better plan. Ask the Broadmoor to consider developing a convention center in a downtown location. Ask the Broadmoor to collaborate in a mutually beneficial plan the benefits BOTH their business AND the best interest of the entire city. Please take the time to study and advocate this much better approach.

— Jordan Strong


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