Vibes: Please don't harsh our mallow 


In response to Mr. Routon's passionate op-ed on Dec. 5: The Rocky Mountain Vibes have the utmost respect and appreciation for Mr. Routon, who was one of many who helped initially bring professional baseball back to Colorado Springs in 1988. He's been a supporter for many years and we invite him to see what the future of professional baseball here will look like starting in 2019. Ralph, we've got Friday, June 21, opening day tickets behind home plate for you.

Quick joke: That's what Colorado Springs would have been had the new team franchise been named the "Rocky Mountain Oysters." A quick-hitting, short-lasting bit of shenanigans that would have lost its laughs more quickly than the Scary Movie franchise.

Minor League Baseball has never branded itself as serious. Ask anyone who knows anything about Minor League Baseball and they'll tell you it's all about affordable, family-friendly FUN. Change is difficult and we understand this big change will take some time for some of our community members and fans to embrace. We're setting the record straight: Our new brand/Your new team is committed to sharing good vibes and spreading positive energy, one S'more at a time.

Pop Quiz Hotshot: Have you heard the one about the pop fly? Answer: Don't worry; it was probably over your head.

Mr. Routon's knee-slapping article serves as delightful proof that he and other humorless curmudgeons like him are out of touch and that our rebrand was clearly over their heads. While old-timers are busy pining for the days before the shift and the Designated Hitter, the rest of us are having fun with the game we love, celebrating innovations to America's pastime from the Majors all the way down to Rookie-Advanced ball. Do you get where we're going with this yet, Colorado Springs? There's an intangible and almost unidentifiable trait that Colorado possesses that you cannot find anywhere else. What is it that makes Colorado and particularly Colorado Springs so special? As the Dude would say, "That's like your opinion, man." Mr. Routon, you're an upstanding member of this community and we would be eager to hear what it is you find unique and special to Colorado Springs, especially since your taste preferences reside in the "good old days."

We at Vibes Baseball believe the overwhelming majority of Colorado Springs and Colorado residents do enjoy good vibes, good company and good times with friends and family. That's exactly what our new brand represents, and we're ready to have some fun at the ballpark.

We'd love you to join the party Ralph, but until then, please don't harsh our mallow and quit being such a damn vibe-raider.

— Chris Phillips, Vibes President

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